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September 17th 2007
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A half day rail journey, followed by a precarious taxi ride, brought us to an area of Warsaw just a fifteen minute walk from the cities old town. After we had booked into our hotel, Eniko took us to the old town area (via the local zoo’s bear pit) where we enjoyed a short break and the sampling of Pierogi (Polish potato dumplings, shaped like baby Cornish pasties) in their ancient market square. After exploring the ancient wall and war memorial, Fremont and I headed into city centre passing their local Government buildings and shopping areas.

On the way back to the old town to meet up with the rest of the group at Eniko’s favourite Fusion restaurant, we came across an amazing amount of very well dressed and attractive Polish people, followed by TV cameras. We were soon to discover that we had walked into the film premier of a Polish film called Katyn, which was being held on the anniversary of the war tragedy Katyn, which was an incident where 1000’s of Polish Officers were killed secretly by the Russian Red Army during the war, although this incident was originally blamed on the Nazi‘s. This gave Fremont and I a real buzz and we were in a great mood to enjoy the rest of the evening.

The meal started with cocktails which put everyone on a high. My meal was amazing...a medium rare steak cook in a beer sauce. The restaurant had a Jazz theme and with the paper place mats being a musical stave, I composed a song for Eniko, which was sung to the amusement of the group. We were very well attended by the young Polish waiting staff and not missing on an opportunity attempted to marry off Oliver and Josh, but the two waitresses already had boy friends?!

On the way home Roxy, Eniko and I sang across the Warsaw bridge and wishing the night not to end, Roxy and I found a Lebanese restaurant and dragged back the rest of the gang from the hotel to share in a shish a pipe, which topped off the evening superbly in the Arabian style atmosphere.

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