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Europe » Poland » Lubusz » Zielona Góra October 6th 2008

Oslo on Sunday is a rather curious spectacle: you see around only Middle Eastern immigrants and a significant number of alcoholics. Humans derelicts, the latter, result of years of proto-prohibitionist policy. And the longer I live, the most I grew convinced of something: forbid something is the best way to push people en masse towards that specific vice. The ferry to Frederikshavn, Denmark, didn’t leave until 7 pm, so I loitered around the Norwegian capital’s streets all day, then at 5 I went down to the harbour to get myself a ticket. The Viados were already on the boulevards and I came to think that one must really get the balls (never better said) to stand still on a Norwegian road wearing a miniskirt. While waiting in line, a brute just arrived from the stone age ... read more
Street Art, Berlin
The Lighthouse, Hirsthals

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