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Europe » Poland » Lubusz » Zielona Góra May 25th 2019

It’s Saturday, AKA parkrun day, and the main reason for the trip; the old man running a parkrun beginning with Z. He booked a hotel right next to the park. Unfortunately, not the correct park – that’s 2 miles away. We get up after a bad night’s sleep. The Qubus Hotel is rather flimsy; you can hear people walking around on other floors, the bed is two flimsy single beds with a double mattress topper. It’s uncomfortable and wobbly – like sleeping on a lilo. The curtains are flimsy, so by 5 am the room is flooded with sunlight and the windows are flimsy, so by 7 am the room is full of the noise of nearby building works. We get ready and I set the satnav for Zielona Gora parkrun. This takes us to the ... read more
Berlin Schoenefeld

Europe » Poland » Lubusz » Zielona Góra May 24th 2019

Our last day in Poland and time to make tracks for Zielona Góra for the old man’s coveted ‘Z’ parkrun. We initially intended to go to Żary, but there has been much dispute among parkrun nerds over recent weeks on whether Żary should count as a Z, when it actually starts with a Ż. Some argued that a Ż is just a Z with an accent, while the linguistic purists insisted that in Polish, it is a separate letter of the alphabet. The purists won and thus our travel plans were rearranged. We stop en route for brunch. I have been thinking about last night’s horrendous meal. It occurs to me, that over the years, many people have migrated to the UK and we have embraced their culinary culture. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say; ... read more
Winny Park
Winny Park
Winny Park

Europe » Poland » Lubusz » Zielona Góra October 6th 2008

Oslo on Sunday is a rather curious spectacle: you see around only Middle Eastern immigrants and a significant number of alcoholics. Humans derelicts, the latter, result of years of proto-prohibitionist policy. And the longer I live, the most I grew convinced of something: forbid something is the best way to push people en masse towards that specific vice. The ferry to Frederikshavn, Denmark, didn’t leave until 7 pm, so I loitered around the Norwegian capital’s streets all day, then at 5 I went down to the harbour to get myself a ticket. The Viados were already on the boulevards and I came to think that one must really get the balls (never better said) to stand still on a Norwegian road wearing a miniskirt. While waiting in line, a brute just arrived from the stone age ... read more
Street Art, Berlin
The Lighthouse, Hirsthals

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