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September 7th 2019
Published: September 7th 2019
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Up early for train departure. Walked to the station which was not far away. Only challenge being the cobblestone driveways every 20metres. Case wheels don’t roll too smoothly over them. But I soon got into the rhythm of 20 metres rolling my case and then pulling over the cobblestones. Not a fan of Warsaw Station- quite confusing if you don’t speak Polish and no officials on the platform to ask and information window were not helpful. Considering it’s the country’s capital it didn’t offer what it needed to.

Anyway, finally got on the intercity train to Krakow. Very comfortable but a little bit disconcerting that my case had to stay on a luggage rack away from my view. Was relieved at the other end that it was still there. Nice surprise if someone took it- clothes and dirty washing 🤣. I had all the important things with me.

A 2.5 hour trip that rolled through a different landscape than my Berlin to Warsaw trip. There were forests and farming land was a lot more undulating with greater diversity in farming the closer we got to Krakow. Still hay and corn, but a lot more market garden vegetables as well. It was a very pretty trip. Free refreshments were provided as well, although the coffee was pretty ordinary.

My hotel is a small boutique style hotel right next to the square so a great location. The chevron pattern black and white carpet seems to be moving every time I look at it and that’s without a drink! Lovely to hear the clip clip of the horse drawn carriages down in the street below my window. Not sure I’ll feel the same if the bar next door becomes noisy later tonight.

Dropped my luggage and headed off to the main Market Square for a meander and get my bearings. Being a Saturday it was packed with several different markets happening and people enjoying the day out having lunch in the many restaurants. The small market out the back smelt delicious and a traditional polish band played at the other end. The main market square was abuzz with music on a big stage as well. It was all happening.

Took a tour of St Mary’s Basilica in the square which even beats Spain for its gold and glitz - and that’s saying something! The religious artworks were iconic and well worth my 10 zloties entrance fee. A lot of restoration going on as well.

Realising I hadn’t eaten for sometime I had a bite to eat and a drink before wandering some more. Having been glutened a few times now, so I decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and stuck with a simple salmon, green beans and asparagus potato mash accompanied by a glass of Prosecco. Being coeliac doesn’t really allow for much exploration of the local faire. It was good just to sit and people watch- something I don’t do much of when travelling alone. Found another market and then ambled back towards the Jewish Quarter past my hotel- but that will be for another day.

Although, noise has dipped and looking out the window as I write this everyone is seeking shelter from rain. Looking at the forecast, it’s looking like my remaining time in Krakow is going to be wet, wet, wet!

For the little I have seen so far, I’m loving Krakow. It’s architecture and culture penetrates your being.

Tomorrow is a very early start with a city tour for half a day so another early night.


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