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August 26th 2005
Published: August 26th 2005
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Jesus HouseJesus HouseJesus House

This is where I will live for the next four months. The window on the far right is my room.
When I arrived in Oslo yesterday it was raining and a little chilly but actually quite nice after leaving the incredibly hot Texas sun. As soon as I got here we got straight into things and I didn't really even have time to breathe. I took my luggage up to the room I share with 17 other girls, yes 17!!! There are 6 bunk bed units with 3 bunks on each; I am on the top bunk because I was one of the last to arrive. To store our belongings we each get one tall locker, a plastic storage box, and two shelves. This is quite different from what I am used to back home. Everyone is incredibly nice! There are people here from Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, France, Iceland, Switzerland and some other places I can't remember, 60 people total. Everyone speaks English though so I haven't had any problems. We had dinner and introductions last night. You can tell the leaders have such an awesome drive and desire to reach the youth of Europe. Their vision is so large but they seem to have such an awesome plan. We will have auditions and interviews next week to figure

This is the foutain right across the street from the Jesus House.
what area of ministry we will be in. Lights were out at 10:15 which I was more than ready for. Although because of the time difference I was unable to go to sleep until about an hour before we had to wake up so I am still really tired today. We have to wake up each morning at 6:15 am unless it is our day off.

2nd Day
Our room leader woke us up at 6:15 a.m. Then we had to get ready by 6:45 for our personal time with God. It was quite fun trying to get ready with only two sinks b/t about 30 girls! We then had our time with God until 7:45. Then we had breakfast until 8:15. After that we had praise & worship and teachings (concerning our personal time with God). At 11:00 we had lunch for an hour. For the second half of the hour we took a walk around the city. Today was a beautiful day and with a light jacket it was perfect. We walked down to the port which is next to a castle. There are lots of green tall trees and it is very clean. We came
My RoomMy RoomMy Room

The top bunk on the far left is where I sleep.
back for the rules until 4 pm. Then we got an hour off before dinner so we walked around the city some more. I am soooo excited I get to live here for 4 months and will have the ablity to get to know this beautiful city. We are living in a building built in 1640 (it was orginally for some important Norwegian, and then an orphanage). The building is 2 stories and has an attic and also has a courtyard in the middle with a garden (it is very lovely when the sunlight pours in) and ivy growing on the sides). Right now the wifi is down so I am using the only ethernet connection but once the wifi is back I will upload pictures. As you walk out our door there is a fountain and an outdoor cafe and a museum. We have a wonderful location just a short walk to everything. I am very excited but tired after a long day. Tomorrow is our day off so they are talking us on a walking tour of the city. On Monday until Wednesday we are taking a camping trip in the mountains. It should be a pretty awesome
Sitting RoomSitting RoomSitting Room

This is where people use the computer and just hang out.
way to go camping for the first time. I'm beat so sorry if this didn't make much sense. I am heading to bed hopefully my lack for sleep will overcome my jetlag. I love you all and thank you sooooo much for all of your emails and prayers!!!

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This is the courtyard in the middle of the building.

27th August 2005

way to go!
wow! sounds like a great time!!! i am so glad you are doing well and learning so much already!! you're amazing!
31st August 2005

Miss Ya
So cool! I wish I was there with everyone. Was so cool to see you in Norway. I pray all is well. Keep your site updated as best you can. Tell everyone there I say hello.

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