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July 4th 2017
Published: July 20th 2017
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For my Planning My St. Olavsleden Pilgrimage blog which provides details on the history and the logistics involved, please go to Planning my St. Olavsleden Pilgrimage. 4 - 5 July 2017 Tuesday and Wednesday. My daughter Tamara and Linda dropped me off at the Colorado Springs airport. Upon boarding the flight attendant advised due to high temperatures and altitude, the aircraft was too heavy to tak... Read Full Entry

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21st July 2017

Simply wonderful!
Way to go Bob! I am so glad that you made the trip. You had been waiting this for long. And we waited to hear the story! I liked the bull,cow and the moo-moo part. You had the courage to take a photoshot before you were rescued by the driver. An of course you have to try the Thai food!! I admire your perseverance and we all take our inspiration from that. A big Thank You for sharing the great story with us!
21st July 2017

A life of travel
Seriously, what is the deal with those light switches? That happened to me in Greece once .... remind me to tell you that story next time I see you. Had to laugh at your opportunities to get lost. The Norwegian people sound marvelous. Why do you think there are so few pilgrims? This sounds like a great place to walk. Love the cow photos. We've been to the town of Hell on Grand Cayman. It's all about've summed it up well. That is how Dave and I feel about travel. We often go to pubs because people usually seem more talkative. I love the cow photos. We are eager to hear what adventure you plan for next year. Great blog.
21st July 2017

Why so few pilgrims?
Perhaps this blog will help spread the word to those where the St. Olavsleden is a great fit!
21st July 2017
Bob arriving at kilometer 0 at the Nidaros Cathedral on the tenth day

Oh to be a pilgrim
Well done Bob...Camino now St Olavsleden Pilgrimage. Reckon when the bell tolls you'll have no difficulty finding the stairway to Heaven.
21st July 2017
Bob with the St. Olavs letter

Just in case
You carry it like a passport to Heaven, Bob...or is a trophy!!!
22nd July 2017
Bob with the St. Olavs letter

Just a trophy!
Us goal oriented people love to collect such trophies. A lot of work for a piece of paper!
22nd July 2017
Along the way on the first day

like a postcard
Wow, this looks like it's straight from a stunning book of postcards. Love the blue bike which contrasts beautifully with the sight of the house and your insights on pilgrims. Nice trip you had!!!
22nd July 2017
Fish soup with Estrella beer

Comfort food
Now that is my kind of lunch.
23rd July 2017

What a walk !
hej Bob I have just caught up with your wonderful experiences on the walk. Am full of admiration for you, and sounds like it it very easy to get lost !!! I have experienced thata few times on walks in Sweden .. everyone seems to have made you welcome and that is the great thing about travelling ..the people you meet. That's what I find with my house swapping. I wondered if you had an average km per day ? Sounds like some of the walks wee quite long in between rest stops. Thanks for an interesting blog.
26th July 2017

Miles per day
The average was about 9 miles/day with the maximum of 11 miles. I like to keep the maximum under 10.
23rd July 2017
Crossing the river

Nice read
Last year we hiked in northern England for a week. We loved it and we are now looking for other interesting hikes. This just made the list of potential ones thanks to you./Ake
19th August 2017

Good Walk and Full of Interest.
Great to read this and hear about some of the other areas of Norway. As you know I go to Norway every year{ apart from this one }, and it is good to see there are plenty of options to go see. I will have to start planning next year when Di's leg is fully recovered. Clad the weather held up for you, which can be a problem sometimes, and when it is fine Norway can be an amazingly scenic place. Also nice people and great food.
20th August 2017

You have a choice of pilgrimages with Norway or Spain. I look forward to your choice!
23rd October 2017

Love the pilgrimages
I'm thinking about doing one of my own (or more) in Japan, I'm still deciding on which one though, they have several interesting ones. :)
24th October 2017

Japanese pilgrimages
Go for it! I've become acquainted with the pilgrimages in Japan as a consequence of my other pilgrimages. Many Japanese also walk the Camino de Santiago because of that connection.

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