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Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim August 13th 2018

As we needed to leave the hotel at 7:30 this morning, I was up at 6:15 to get ready and have breakfast. We had a short walk to the station, as we are staying in it! Our train was due to depart at 8:04 and we were there in plenty of time. Once on board and bags were stowed, we could settle in to enjoy the journey. Our trip to Trondheim would take six and a half hours so there was lots of time to chill. The scenery along the way was simply stunning - we travelled alongside the biggest lake in Norway for quite a while and then at other times there would be fast flowing rivers alongside the train and mountains either side. The train had wifi on board and I enjoyed catching up ... read more
Nidaros - spot St. Olav holding the colourful wreath
The graveyard
The beautiful colourful buildings along the waterways

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim July 30th 2018

I kept basic walking notes along the way from Sundsvall to Trondheim, alhough I wasn't as consistent as I might have been. I also kept a GPS track which I will look at when I get home. For the days for which I have notes: Equivalent walking distances (using Naismiths Rules and Langmuir corrections) 10 to 20 km - 6 days 20 to 30 km - 14 days Over 30 km - 7 days Longest day: 38.1 km Elevation gain/loss Less than 200 m: 3 days / 5 days 200 m to 400 m: 15 days / 9 days 400 m to 600 m: 5 days / 6 days Over 600 m: 2 days / 2 days Most accumulated climb in a day: 712 m Most accumulated descent in a day: 689 m Both these on ... read more

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim July 29th 2018

I stood by the final marker in front of Nidarosdomen four days ago. This wasn't the last walk, but it did mark the end of a journey over a month and about 560 km that is the northernmost Christian pilgrimage route in the world. On Friday, I attended the Pilgrim service, where they announce that 58 pilgrims had arrived the previous day, including one Australian. Two more Australians, Jason and Annette from Goulburn had arrived that day and were acknowledged the following day at the last pilgrim service before the St Olav vigil on Olsok eve. There were nearly 160 pilgrims arrive with them. Trondheim celebrates Olsok- St Olav's feast day with a range of events that to an Australian are far more openly religious than would happen at home. Olsok eve starts with a pilgrim ... read more

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim July 26th 2018

Today will be my last walking day. As the crow flies, Trondheim cathedral - the Nidarosdomen - is 11 kilometres away. Walking the final part of the St Olavsleden pilgrimage route will take 16 kilometres. I expect that I will arrive by mid-afternoon, meet Elaine, and after the formalities at the Nidaros pilgimsgård, have a quiet little celebration. So far I have walked for 27 days, with two rest days. I have walked for perhaps 30 minutes of that with other pilgrims - the vast bulk of my walking days have been spent alone. When the walking is difficult, it took all my concentration, but at other times I was left with my own thoughts. Whether I chose to repeat mindless tuneless, and inane ditties in my mind, or ponder what spiritually meant to me, was ... read more

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim July 5th 2018

TODAY WE ARE IN TRONDHEIM. We are still having fabulous weather although they are telling us that by the time we get to Hammerfest it will be raining. Well, we'll see. We have been to Trondheim before so we are taking the shuttle into town and walking around. We found our first Burger King so we went in to try out the WiFi It was far superior to that on the ship and I got all my pictures from my phone uploaded into the cloud. I shall publish some of those pictures with this posteven though they are from other ports. Sorry for the confusion but this seems to be the best that I can do.... read more

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim June 25th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Je commence par vous demander toute votre indulgence pour les fautes, les accents qui manquent. Taper des textes sur une tablette, avec l’écriture intuitive ce n’est pas mon truc. Parfois je n’arrive même pas à corriger, je ne connais pas assez, le fonctionnement du clavier, il n’en fait souvent qu’à ça tête. Ma réservation hier à Molde un vrai succès, de part le prix, -60% sur le prix de base de Booking, un hôtel au minimum 3 étoiles, une chambre avec vue sur le fjord, et un repas hier au soir digne d’un gastro. Des darnes de saumon accompagnées d’une purée sauce ?? Que je n’ai su traduire, pas plus que les légumes, certains grillés et présentés comme du bacon. Un délice et très copieux. Un service de classe. Encore une fois je ... read more
Mellom Byen Og Elva
Molde hôtel
tranquille  sur son île !!!

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim June 24th 2018

Hi Everyone We are in Trondeim now which is surrounded by a river,woke up to rain,but we donned our raincoats to see the sights, When it got to wet,we would duck into the shops,which of course was a plus for me!!!. we found the Norwegian people very friendly when we asked the way,it was fun to see the different shops and how they do things. Came back for a break,then went out again along the river the rain had eased.I like Trondeim surrounded by water and wonderful quant houses and buildings 178,000 people live here. Trondeim was the religious heart of Norway,Trondeimwas the ancient capital of Norway,where monarchs were crowned until 1991. Trondeim has a name now as the capital of technology and for its high proportoon of students.. KS... read more

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim June 24th 2018

Hi to everyone We had a great day today,after breakfast we started out to catch the tram that would take us high up around Trondeim,at the last stop we got off where there was a beautiful lake where people were walking their dogs and children. Today we didnt have any rain,which was a Blessing. On the way down we got off at the tram museum,which of course Kevin loved !!!! We finished the day by going out to have dinner with Wok and Lyn our friends from Canberra as it was Lyns Birthday. We had an enjoyable evening. Returning to Hotel to do our packing,as we have an early start in the Morning. KS... read more

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim June 23rd 2018

Hello Again Yesterday we had a long day,we travelled 800 km,by train ,ferry,Coach. The scenery was superb. We departed Narvik by coach to Fauske Railway station,which included the Borgnes Ferry. Hopped on train for 7hours beautiful scenery and we had lots of fun chatting ect. We had dinner at 830 at the Quality Hotel Grande,Kongensgate opposite station. Hopped on the coach for another 2 hrs and arrived in Trondheim at about midnight. Trondheim is on a lake,so going to explore today. KS... read more

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim March 18th 2018

Nukuin pitkään, johonkin klo 9 asti. Söin rauhassa aamupalaa ja pääsin liikkeelle vasta klo 11.50. Menin bussilla keskustaan. Kävelin vanhaa siltaa pitkin joen itäpuolelle ja kävin pullakahvilla. Tuli lumihiutaleita harvakseltaan. Kävelin takaisin toisen sillan kautta. Ostin pysäköintiautomaatista vielä uuden 24 tunnin lipun joukkoliikenteeseen. 180 kruunua maksoi lippu jolla pääsi tuomiokirkkoon ja kahteen museoon. Tämä taitaa olla Pohjoismaiden suurin tuomiokirkko. Kuuntelin hetken norjankielistä opastusta. Arkkipiispan museossa oli patsaita ja kiinnostava pienoismalli kirkon historiasta. Kirkon länsiosa oli välillä monta sataa vuotta raunioina. Toisessa museossa oli esillä Norjan kruununkalleudet. Museossa saatu lisätieto innosti minut käymään vielä uudestaan tuomiokirkossa. Ajelin bussilla ensin etelään ja sitten itään. Siellä jouduin odottamaan b... read more

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