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February 19th 2018
Published: February 19th 2018
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Tromsø has certainly been more than all I hoped for. And I had hoped for a lot.

I'd hoped to see the Northern Lights, but I never expected to get them three nights in a row. Or to get a show so spectacular that even a local photographer whose family have lived in Tromsø for generations was in awe! I don't think I can ever beat that and so, I've bought the t-shirt - the most expensive t-shirt I have ever bought.

Lots of snow as expected. But far more beautiful than I anticipated, as the snowy landscapes were crowned with saturated blue skies to the extent that when people see the photos, they may think photoshop had been used to enhance it. Plus golden and pink sunsets glowing over the snow. If you did nothing when visiting, you still wouldn't get bored as it is a visual feast.

Everyone we met was friendly and helpful, but not fakely so as you can get in the tourist industry in some places. Our Air b'n'b was cosy, clean with an amazing view across the water to snowy mountains, plus the people who ran it, Egil and Monica were really cool.

I was hoping to meet a Norwegian cat, but given how cold it is, I didn't expect it, as cats are too sensible to leave warm homes just to keep me happy. But as we were leaving, I 'subtly' mentioned this to Egil, who fetched Wenger, the extremely fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat out into the cold to meet me. Wenger wasn't too pleased but I was! He was so gorgeous with beautiful eyes. I'd love to have one come live with me but Glyn would moan about the extra long cat hairs getting everywhere (which I think is cute, not any kind of problem at all).

It's all been perfect, except perhaps when we accidentally sent our luggage through the automated ramp before attaching the barcoded tag to it. That caused us panic as we queued for what felt like an eternity to explain it to a member of staff, who couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. Luckily we have an easily identifiable red suitcase and it was soon found, but we felt very foolish indeed!

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23rd February 2018

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Wow!! Fabulous! I can hear Norway calling my name. I'm so happy for you....

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