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July 5th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 The sun01 The sun01 The sun

The sun at 10.15pm.
Geo: 70.9235, 25.2651

Our mini-bus taxi arrived at 8. It was really nice, comfy and spacious. Two minutes down the road we had to brake as a group of reindeer were crossing the road. I was really excited to finally see some in the wild! They were white/grey/brown with antlers. This mini-bus had a DVD player and lots of movies to watch- we were really excited about this. First we saw Long Weekend- average movie with cutie Chris Klein. Saw heaps more reindeer on our 3 hour drive north. We drove along the coast. Then watched Ice Age II- very appropriate. Finally at 11 we arrived at Nordkapp- most northerly point of Europe. The place to see the Midnight Sun- something we had paid lots extra to do. It was freezing outside, cloudy and raining. Not good weather to see the sun in. Wandered through the info centre for the next 2 hours, in between going out to take photos every 15 minutes. Was hard to see the sun- too cloudy. At midnight (1am because of daylight saving) the sky was white. It was not orange like on all the postcards. Pretty amazing that the sun was setting and rising in front
02 The sun02 The sun02 The sun

The sun at 10.50pm.
of us. The amount of light was the same all day long- no darkness. The drive back started off slow as it was raining and very foggy. Saw more reindeer and watched King Arthur. Arrived back at camp at 4am. It was still very light. Went to bed for a sleep in.

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03 The sea03 The sea
03 The sea

The sea at Nordkapp.
04 The sun04 The sun
04 The sun

The sun at 11.15pm.
05 Me05 Me
05 Me

Me and the sun at 11.20pm.
06 The sun06 The sun
06 The sun

Took this photo from inside the visitor centre at 11.26pm.
07 The group07 The group
07 The group

The group at Nordkapp.
08 The brochure08 The brochure
08 The brochure

This is what the Midnight Sun looks like in the brochures, we had bad luck with the weather.
09 The sun09 The sun
09 The sun

The sun at 11.46pm.
10 The sun10 The sun
10 The sun

The sun at 11.50pm
11 Group11 Group
11 Group

Us again at Nordkapp.
12 The sun12 The sun
12 The sun

The sun at 11.55pm.
13 The midnight sun13 The midnight sun
13 The midnight sun

This is the sun at midnight!!
14 Cabins14 Cabins
14 Cabins

Little cabins along the fjord.
15 Blue sky15 Blue sky
15 Blue sky

The sky at 2.26pm.

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