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March 25th 2007
Published: March 25th 2007
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Sandefjord Torp airport in southeastern Norway, south of Oslo, is great because:
1) I think it's probably the smallest international airport I've ever been in
2) It has free wireless!!!
3) It was the site of the first time I got Suckered Into Buying Duty Free Alcohol -- Norway is known for Aquavit, and they have this special type of Line Aquavit that is made by travelling in barrels to Australia and back so that it crossed the equator -- supposedly the rocking of the boat gives it a distinctive flavor. Worth a try, at any rate!!

Yesterday was awesome -- Norway beats out the Scottish Highlands AND Rama, Bosnia (which is a big deal, since Rama is far and away one of my favorite places in the world) for best natural scenery I've seen in one place. Fjords . . . waterfalls . . . mountains . . . snow . . . more water . . . more hills . . . and LOTS of snow!! I took the scenic Bergen-Oslo railway, and at one point it goes way up in the mountains, and you look out the window and literally can't tell where the mountain ends and the sky begins, it's just a wash of white. Incredible!

Anyway -- I'm going to go buy some duty free chocolate, then fight my fellow Ryan Air travellers for a window seat to Frankfurt, Germany, where I will be staying with my friend Jess from TCNJ for a week! Hooray!!!!!

(Oh, I also taught myself how to say "is this the train to Drammen/Sandefjord?" and "where is bus airport?" in broken Norwegian. people mercifully responded in English, of course)

Over and out!!!


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