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May 1st 2016
Published: May 15th 2016
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Bye bye to Keith and Teresa and Hello to Narridy!!

Very easy to get to the airport from where we are. A short trip and then we were there. K&T were checked in (their bags all the way to Dallas) and then it was time to say goodbye. Strange, it seemed like we’d been together for ages – still not long till we’ll be back at their house.

Then we went back to boat, and started to rearrange…ready for Narridy. Had to move the boat on instructions from the Harbour master, just forward on the pontoon a bit so the big boat could fit in front of us (the boat the was in front of us had moved) so we did that, the big boat came in and told us we were in his spot and asked us to move back to where we were previously. All this just as we were leaving to get Narridy. OK, moved the boat, bit late, missed the train we were going to catch, got the next one, if Narridy took some time getting her bags, we would still make it. As it was we had about a 2min wait and then she was there, walking out the gate. Perfect!!

OK, no time to stop, Phil took Narridy’s bag back to boat and we jumped on a bus to Haalem to try to get in a visit to the Corrie Ten Boom museum. You couldn’t book in, just had to hope and line up. When we got there fortunately the line was short, so we got in for the 2nd last English speaking tour. The guide we had was very good and obviously a strong Christian woman. It gave us goosebumps to be in the very house Corrie Ten Boom was and had hidden the jews. WE saw the room they were hidden in and Narridy even got to stand in that very space. Just spine tingling!!!!

Had a short walk around Haalem as the markets were on, got a broodjie kroket and hot stroopwafel, and then caught the train back to Amsterdam. Went straight back to boat as Boomerang were on their way into the marina.

Met the harbour master just as we were walking down our pontoon, just as boomerang came round the corner. OK, they will raft up to us!!

Yay, just like the good old days!! Pizza delivered on the boat for dinner that night, good times!!!!


An explore around Amsterdam this morning..went to the Anne Frank Museum, but already at 0900, the line up was huge, and you could only enter with pre-online booked tickets..until 1500. Then you could return and chance the line-up. Apparently at 1800 the line is usually at it shortest, so we decided to come back then. So instead, found where we could buy a Soda Stream (you cannot use the same ones over here from Oz as the gas canisters are completely different in Europe and wont fit ours. So we bought a whole new system!! Walking around the city centre was an interesting experience for Narridy!! So many ‘different’ shops and ‘stuff’ for sale!!

That afternoon we all piled into Boomerang’s dingy and had our own canal tour. We went for ages, exploring the myriad of canals. Stopped off for a snack..Kroketen of course…and then continued. It was just after 1800 so we went by dingy to the Anne Frank Museum, but the line was still crazy long…so pulled up on the other side…and went for dinner instead. After dinner, Narridy and I came back to check the line, and a was shorter. So texted the others that we would go in to the museum. After a 20min wait we were inside! So here we were walking around the museum at 2200!! Fancy being in a museum so late at night!!

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