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July 25th 2013
Published: July 28th 2013
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Our few last days in the UK were a tad busy! With the packers taking over every room in the house, Woolly took refuge in Ollie.

Woolly says – I had great fun tying up cables and hiding sweeties everywhere in-between watching all the movers wrapping and packing our lives up. We also managed to catch up with some friends which was brilliant, although baby Kayleigh did try to gum my trunk to death on Monday while Dave tried to convince us to stay on Tuesday. Finally the house was empty and clean, as we walked round we had a chance to remember the happy times and the sanctuary that this home had given all of us. Clutching soggy tissues and with Jo sniffing a lot we said our final goodbyes and pointed Ollie towards the motorway.

Ollie was in seventh heaven to be back on the road and sped through the three and a half hour drive to Harwich. As the sun went down we boarded the ship ready for the next journey.

Woolly says – The ship was brilliant!! Once we had found our cabin and I had bagged the top bunk, tried the TV and pressed every button available we went to explore. Being quite an experienced Mammoth on cross channel crossings now, this ferry was definitely the best. With the usual bars and restaurants and shopping areas we also had access to a TV lounge, teen entertainment, a ball pit and a cinema. With everyone on board we were off, to bed!

We felt exhausted and hoped a restful night would help. Unfortunately we forgot that we were losing an hour and so after a mere four and a half hours we were back up and watching as the ferry pulled into the Hook of Holland. Clearing through customs and waving our passports it was over to James to find our way from the docks and onto the open road. Tiredness was overwhelming and instead of putting a few hours behind us we settled for Amsterdam, yes we know we have been here before but we knew the site and knew that we could just collapse so it was a done deal.

Woolly says – only one problem, the site was full! They were very helpful and directed us to Camping Vliegenbos, they were delighted to see us and as an added bonus had a cabin for the night which meant we could SLEEP.

It’s amazing what a few hours can do and feeling semi revived we decided to stretch our legs and entertain Woolly with another ferry. A mere 15 minute walk and we were able to jump onto the FREE ferry across to Central station, from the rear the building looks very modern in design and is in total contrast to the grand façade of the front.

Woolly says – I even managed to find a drain cover for my bestest friend Sion outside of the station, I had a fit of the giggles as Jo tried to take my picture with bikes riding over it and nearly over me. There seemed to be millions more people here since our last visit and the streets were thronged. As it was getting hotter and stickier we made a unanimous decision to sit by the canal and watch the world go by. I’m not going to say too much about Amsterdam, as we’ve already done a blog from here, but I will voice my concerns over the young ladies as they seem to have even less clothes than last time!! Maybe it’s the heat?

Having shared my falafel with Woolly and with Ian clutching his KFC bag we wandered back to the ferry. It was getting muggier by the minute, the fifteen minute walk back to the site seemed to take much longer and we passed loads more drain covers for Woolly which would have proved far easier to take pictures of. Having set the chairs up outside our temporary cabin the heavens opened and the rain poured down, while we sat snug we spent the evening being entertained by watching wet campers trying to sit under the trees and in the smallest possible tents, that will be us tomorrow.

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