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March 5th 2006
Published: March 5th 2006
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What a difference 50 degrees makes. This is what it looked like outside of work when the high in Houston was approaching 80.
...SSDD was also another potential entry title, but it was rejected for possible negative connotations that I feel degrade the cheerful spirit of my ongoing European adventures.

And go on we shall. I'm back again for the third time. First it was 6 months in 2005, then 2 weeks in January 2006, and now another month (or maybe more) here in March. I'm here so much it's getting comical. I've run into a few people at work who are like, "hey, I didn't know you were still here!" and "wait, aren't you based in Houston?"

Deja vu seems more fitting. I've gotten the hang of this whole international travel thing, I think. I've stopped paying attention to the pre-flight safety demonstrations. (This may be due to the fact that Continental stewardesses seem to be generally less attractive than KLM ladies, but who's to say?) I've lost my sense of childlike wonder in the novelties of flying business class, I know my way around The Hague possibly better than I do H-town, and even jet lag didn't phase me as badly this time. All this feels pretty familiar already, but I'll try to keep things interesting for all our sakes.

Ah, here's a good example of the deja vu about which I muse: After the Boom Chicago show, Shruti, Adam, and I wandered around Amsterdam and wound up at the same karaoke bar Erik and I hit up in April last year. This time it was soul night instead! We later found a cool bar where the live act was a DJ and a saxophonist. Very European, and very cool.

The cold adds a new twist to this trip though. I've seen snow before, and it shouldn't amaze me as much as it does, but I think there will always be a part of this Texan that turns 8-years old and wants to go out and make snow angels whenever there's a layer of snow on the ground. I had the pleasure of walking between buildings for meetings in the worst of the snow one day. I was so throughly covered that people laughed when I shed a layer of white off my coat upon arrival.

Well anyways, it's Sunday now, so one week down. I've been ridiculously busy at work, so even though I'm a bit stressed out, it's good to fill the hours and have time go by quickly. Admist the long hours, I managed to squeeze in a beer tasting in Delft, play some pool at the Fiddler, enjoy a couple of home-cooked meals compliments of Shruti and Eugene, and then make it back to the Uithof for some indoor snowboarding. The highlight thus far was on Friday when 9 of us headed to Amsterdam after work for a comedy show at Boom Chicago

I've taken this picture beforeI've taken this picture beforeI've taken this picture before

Back atop the hill of the SnowDome for some indoor snowboarding at the Uithof. Sure, I've taken this picture before, but after the painful trip up the slope on a pole lift, it felt like an accomplishment worthy of a snap.
Chicago is basically a bunch of Americans making fun of everything, including the Dutch, Europe as a whole, and even Americans themselves. It's a troupe of 5 comedians doing sketch comedy with lots of improv and some good scripted stuff too. Check out some of the videos on the website...good stuff. The show is highly recommended, as are the nachos.

Enough for now...I'll let the pics to the talking!

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It ain't much, but it's homeIt ain't much, but it's home
It ain't much, but it's home

It was totally priceless when the receptionist at the Novotel Den Haag central was checking me in and verified that I'd be staying for..... 27 DAYS!? The bed is pretty sweet, and the design is nice, but the coolest part is that I have a couch. Brian's butt, hotel couch. Hotel couch, Brian's butt. A match made in heaven.
Scheldebrouwerij Beer TastingScheldebrouwerij Beer Tasting
Scheldebrouwerij Beer Tasting

So, the barmaid from the Cloister started her own bar across the street and now we've got two places in Delft to sample tasty liquid bread. Cheers!
Jet Lag StrikesJet Lag Strikes
Jet Lag Strikes

Hey, cut me some slack. I made it through Monday fine, but on Tuesday around lunch, I was out of it. Pooped. Toast. But I'm a self-proclaimed trooper, dammit, and I'm gonna make it to Delft and sample all 6 beers even if I have to take a powernap halfway through to do it!
One for the old folksOne for the old folks
One for the old folks

Ok, so this father-son picture of Ross and little Angus isn't really all that relevant to my travels, but it seems engagements, weddings, and the ensuing babies are becoming all the rage amongst my friends these days, so here ya go. Picture 'awwwww' factor: 8 to 9.

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