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July 9th 2006
Published: July 9th 2006
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Yes, this is my Blog turn!

The ‘misa.whereareyou.net’ was causing negative spillover effects (spam reactions!), so I give now the chance to travelblog.org … some of you might argue that this is not the most adequate blog as I am not exactly travelling (except for an occasional trip preferably every few months ;-) but I found at least 135 reasons to justify it:

1) We are actually a huge travelling platform. We have our cells making huge trips in our bodies all the time!
2) … 135) I just read that ‘there are 134 molecules and they all count as travellers in the vast interstellar space’, so why can’t I?

So, what happened in June?

I went to once the city of the Towers, now the city of the Bridges (you guessed well, Prague! :-) and consumed concerts like boiled-eggs : > and of course I recommend both %-( but if you want something more exotic on your plate, then try the ‘Garden of the Opera’ where I was served a delicious soup with a floral touch (yes, there were flowers in the middle of the plate), and that was nothing compared with the plate of my travel companion, who got a huge Hawaiian flower accompanying his steak, which he ate!

Flowers was a constant in the month of June, as when I came back from Prague I badly had time to prepare myself to the ‘ Verborgen gardens (Hidden gardens)’ event in R’dam (fortunately there was nothing to prepare, ufa this one was close %-)! Actually, that was the same weekend of the stopover ois the Sailing Volvo Race, so the Veerhaven looked more like Porto Olimpico confirmed by ex-Barcelona residents: Guillermo and Teresa J

Another highlight that evening, was DJ Tiesto. He insisted to go up and down the Maas river on a floating platform just in front of my apartment block. Hey, I dint oppose and I danced on my balcony to the sound of his water-house (His composition and the accompanying light show were inspired in the sailing race, really cool).

Then (and because R’dam is unstoppable), we got other secret places to visit, the ‘watergeheimen, (the water secrets) on the Day of Architectuur.For instance got to know that on the Admiriteilkade 96 (metro station Oosplein), there is an interior design shop, who hides a deep secret in the under ground … but where I was introduced to another worl was at ‘De Brug (the bridge).’ No, not the Erasmus, not Willem’s, but the Unilever Office! This horizontal ‘water-scraper’ started to be build 200 meters away from the final destination, and during construction moved a few centimetres everyday till his current location. OK, that’s no secret, but what you probably don’t know is that inside there are meeting rooms reminding spatial ships (not advised for claustrophobics - yes didn’t go in), or Japanese brainstorming rooms, cool phone booths in case you can’t hear your supplier, transparent floor tiles so we can watch how the place is wired and all kind of common spaces, either inspired by a single-colour (pink, green), or by a culture (American, etc.). Did I say culture %-{? Anyway, totally eclectic!!!!!
What a long story … I know you are about to forget most of this, but wait, just find some more available neurons to catch this tip: Water of Wijn, a hot restaurant in Rdam! Where? Rmember I mentioned stroom in the Lloysdkwartier, well just keep going, turn right then left, and just opposed to the Periscope (another amazing new building in the city of architecture), there it is! You can borrow beach chairs to lounge on their private beach-terrace and admire the structure of the restaurant (made of nine sea containers - let’s all do Re-use!) or other containers travelling up and down the Maas in their container ships. (Yes, R’dam is not a city, is a WORLD!!!!)

Kusjes, beijinhos, little kisses,
· There was also the ‘Fiesta del Sol’ in Eindhoven’ but because the sun was ‘in fiesta’ all over the Netherlands, I kept partying in the RandStad …
· For you guys who are having the PhD blues, I have good news: just met a guy in the bus stop (yes, I am a public transport girl - and let’s all subscribe GreenWheels!) who is happily doing a PhD on bio-astronomy, so why are U worrying?????
· Yes, there was also football … a lot of football …


10th July 2006

Que lufa lufa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ola Marisa, como estas? Gostei muito de saber que te tens andado a divertir. A vida naopode ser so trabalho. Beijinhos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st August 2006

hey chica!
so back in holland...coool!!!! just got back myself from a trip to mexico and guatemala, superrrr:-) wanna grap a coffee some time in hip rotterdam im now living in the witte de with! greets wendy the papertigrrrrrrrrr:-)

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