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June 8th 2014
Published: June 9th 2014
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cake, cake, CAKE.. and coffee.cake, cake, CAKE.. and coffee.cake, cake, CAKE.. and coffee.

just a casual cappuccino cake, and a hardcore dutch coffee.


(..although not as hardcore as Friday, the partying just doesn't stop.)

Today consisted of another celebrating but not quite to the extend of mums birthday, oma and opa where having a joint party to celebrate their upcoming birthdays. We were having a brunch at a small cafe with most of opa and opa's family, so it was a great time to catch up and see how everybody was doing. The cafe was pretty big, and i think during the weekends it doubled up as a bar, but seeing that it hosted functions.. we were there that afternoon.
We arrived at the cafe, and mum warned us that this time instead of receiving all the 'congratulations' he's be congratulating all the other people. So you can imagine with 2 birthdays that we were celebrating, family from both sides, and three kisses each on the cheek. It ended up being ALOT of kisses for everyone!
Once we'd greeted everyone and said hi we grabbed a seat and continued chatting. We had a waitress that looked after all the people she was always buzzing around topping up glasses
Pocket sized sprinkles for lunch,Pocket sized sprinkles for lunch,Pocket sized sprinkles for lunch,

1 pack = 1 sandwich.. enough said
and asking if we wanted something different.. apparently that with dinners and stuff waitresses don't ask if you want a refill, they just bring you another! I thought that was a little inconvenient, i mean someone has to pay for that, she's already got it so declining it is just rude. Anyways, that's my opinion on that.

I drank mainly coffee there knowing that i still had a big day ahead of me, and plans after the brunch. Oma got a few presents from people, she got a towel cake, which someone had just rolled towels and stacked them so they looked like a big cake, roses were stacked as decorations it looked good. It had fooled me, i thought it was a legit cake for a while. oma also got some plates, glasses and cutlery and a few other bits and pieces. Our meal started of with cake, i had a cappuccino and chocolate cake, and like last time the cake was just too filling, and i couldn't finish it.. then little entrees got brought out, there were ham and cheese combinations, filled eggs and all kinds of yummy stuff!
Lunch was crazy, we had tomato and chicken soup to choose from and that was creamy and filling enough, and we all sorta sat there rubbing our bellies from fullness. and then the lady took all the soup and came out with a whole collection of things to put on sandwiches, hams and cheeses, spreads and sprinkles, different sorts of breads and crusket sorta things. By then we definitely were full, but ooohhh noo, then the lady came out again with sort of sundae looking things that had cream and ice cream in them then topped with strawberry topping, it was so good. But god i regretted eating that much! i was so sickeningly full it was ridiculous.

After all the food and chatting it was about 4:00 and people all began to head off, from the cafe we had to go back home and get changed into clothes a little more casual to head to a friends house of mum and dads, they'd planned a party for mum and dad because they were back in Holland, we were there at 6:00 rugged up and prepared for the cold night. There were so many people at the party people we hadn't seen for ages, people that were
and some more gorgeous weather.and some more gorgeous weather.and some more gorgeous weather.

nothing but sunshine sofar, that's a fair bit of luck.
in Australia not to long ago, just so many people. As soon as i arrived and wandered to get some drinks, so a group of ladies sitting with my Aunty stopped me and they all said "god, you're like a spitting image of your dad, but much more beautiful!" and i kinda rolled my eyes and though 'not this again!'. Last time i was in Holland and there was a party for mum and dad, i had an endless amount of people come up to me and remind me how much i look like dad, it was ridiculous.
The party was in a garden, the atmosphere was amazing, the set up was perfect we honestly couldn't have asked for anything better, there were bar stools set up around tables in the yard and tables set so there was plenty of room to sit and relax, then there was a 'garden shed' which could easily have doubled up as a second sort of simple house to stay in, it had all the essentials. So we just put our stock in the fridges there and used the glasses there that were available. I'd bought another bottle of 'Big Shot' and took a few flugels, mentally i was preparing for a bigger night than Friday. But i just couldn't, i was just too exhausted and drained to be able to stick it out. Besides it was more a party for mum and dad, i caught up with a few guys that had worked for dad at some stage and some people that had visited us in Australia but other than that, it was just a scene of older people so i didn't stay as long as mum and dad.

By 11:00pm or so, we called my older cousin to come pick us up and she timed it to absolute perfection. The second we walked out of the driveway she pulled up, we didn't even need to stop walking we just jumped straight into the car. We were home and planed to stay up for a little bit, but we just couldn't do it. We sat around for like 10 minutes, agreed we were all tired and then went to bed and that was the end.

The next day, we were all up a little later, we needed the sleep in. But Monday was my sleep in day, i was up at 10:00 which was a new record! I had planned to do as little as possible. All i had to do was pack for France and i wanted to catch up on my blogs.. So here we are.


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