"Yesterday is history... Tomorrow is mystery... But today is a gift..
That is why it's called PRESENT"

- Master Oogway

Europe » Netherlands June 18th 2014

A HOLIDAY WITHIN A HOLIDAY. (..when one holiday just isn't enough) DAY SEVENTEEN: we'd had this day planned for a while now, our idea was to go to the touristy location of Texel. Texel is island only 30 minutes on the ferry away. So it's just a short trip away. We went with dads brothers and their wives and my cousin came too. So with the 9 of us it was going to be a really nice day out. One of my dads brothers knew the area really well so we left like the day up to him, with the places we'd see or visit.. At 8:00 everyone had arrived at the house so that we could carpool too the ferry, just because we didn't need to take extra cars over. The plan was meet at ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Friesland June 17th 2014

doing a few family rounds.. (we still had a few people to visit, and it was my cousins birthday today!) DAY SIXTEEN: we woke up earlier than usual because we had a few people do visit in Friesland, dad wanted to visit his aunty whilst still in Holland and he'd planned today to do so. The plan was to be there at 11:00, so that we could have lunch there and hang around for a bit. Unfortunately, a lot of us slept in.. so we pushed it to about 11:30. Which i suppose could be a lot worse now that i think of it. We arrived there and to my surprise, were a lot more people than i expected. Also attending the lunch was 5 of dads cousins. We arrived there with and said hello to ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 16th 2014

PREPARED TO SHOP TILL I DROP! (when life gives you money, you spend it until you can spend no more!) DAY FIFTEEN: With another empty day, mum thought it was about time to do a little bit of shopping and of course where better to go than to Amsterdam itself. So we started with a small drive to Hoorn where dad dropped us off at the train, because we didn't have a hope in attempting to park in Amsterdam and seeing that the train station is so central anyways, it really wasn't a drama. So We caught the train, it was like a half an hour ride all the way to Amsterdam Central with only two stops on the way and the train is nearly luxurious. It's big and spacious, lots of seat room and ... read more
street view.
another shot
Frikandel small vs. Frikandel XXL

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Wieringerwerf June 14th 2014

a bit of history.. (we went to a museum today, that really got to the roots of Holland) DAY THIRTEEN AND FOURTEEN: With an empty day ahead of us, and mum refusing to spend it lounging around, so we jumped into the car for a road trip to Enkhuizen. Enkhuizen is on a big lake, so it's surrounded by water the village itself is quite pretty and very old fashioned. So it makes sense that Enhuizen itself has a museum. We went there with the initial plan to just look around and see all the canals and boats. The boats varied from row boats all the way to house boats, so the variety was insane and they were all so detailed and colourful it was gorgeous. The day was beautiful as well, so the atmosphere and ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Wieringerwerf June 13th 2014

KICKING BACK AND RELAXING!.. (we'd just come back from France the day before, so we all just intended on resting the legs today) DAY TWELVE: Today i woke up with the intention to do absolutely nothing, besides eating and lounging around. And that's exactly how my morning began to pan out. My cousins uncle and aunt left to go to an amusement park to celebrate a birthday which meant that we also had the house to ourselves. We said goodbye to them in the morning and wished them all luck on their mini holiday then went back to lounging around. At about 11:30 my uncle rang the home phone and mum answered. It was my uncle! he was planning on going to a race in Germany with the minibikes, but the owner of the track lost ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 12th 2014

the adventure concludes.. (this was the last day, so we just did what we could untill it was time to catch the train back to Amsterdam.) DAY ELEVEN: The last day in Paris, once again we were up early the beds really weren't getting any more comfortable. But this morning we actually needed to be up early we'd planned to be at the Catacombes by 10:00am just as it opened, so we left the hotel at about 8:30 and brought our bags down stairs, be were really hopeful that we could leave it in the lobby of 'Hotel De Sully' so that we didn't need to haul it around Paris the last day. Luckily we could, so all our bags were down stairs and we headed out towards the Catacombes. We went to the bakery ... read more
The Catacombes.
bones. bones. bones. bones.
The palace.

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 11th 2014

FRANCE AT IT'S FINEST (by now we were really getting the hang of paris, so getting around really wasn't an issue!) DAY TEN: Being the second day in France we began to get pretty good at using the metro system, and with the morning starting with sunshine our day was looking up. The weather forecasted was 26 degrees, but with the day before being forecasted as good weather we weren't convinced. We were up reasonably early all stiff and sore, the beds we slept in wasn't ideal, but we just kept thinking.. 'it's cheap and in the middle of Paris' and besides, it was only two nights, so we thought we could get by. The plans for today were to visit the ‘Eiffel tower’, ‘Center G. Pompidou’, ‘Royal Palace’, ‘Musee Du Lourve’,’ Jardin Des Tuileries’,’ ... read more
the fountain feature at the art centre.
a walk along the road

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 10th 2014

bonjour! (heading to Paris we set our tourist level to 100%) DAY NINE:. With the alarm set at 3:30 we already knew we were in for a long day.. with the plan to be in the car at 4:15 the whole morning was last minute hecticness for the little bits and pieces we'd forgotten. Whilst dad and his brother where preparing to go to the UK mum, my little sister and myself where planning to have 3 days in Paris. Non of my family has ever been there so we intended to be hardcore tourists! Leaving home in the big dodge we arrived at the Amsterdam airport at 5:30 with an easy hour to spare, so that we could sus ourselves out and where to go. With it being super early, we decided some energy ... read more
a taste of paris..
the lock bridge.

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Wieringermeer June 8th 2014

LET THE CELEBRATIONS CONTINUE.. (..although not as hardcore as Friday, the partying just doesn't stop.) DAY SEVEN AND EIGHT: Today consisted of another celebrating but not quite to the extend of mums birthday, oma and opa where having a joint party to celebrate their upcoming birthdays. We were having a brunch at a small cafe with most of opa and opa's family, so it was a great time to catch up and see how everybody was doing. The cafe was pretty big, and i think during the weekends it doubled up as a bar, but seeing that it hosted functions.. we were there that afternoon. We arrived at the cafe, and mum warned us that this time instead of receiving all the 'congratulations' he's be congratulating all the other people. So you can imagine with ... read more
Pocket sized sprinkles for lunch,
The whole crew..
and some more gorgeous weather.

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Hoorn June 7th 2014

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, SOLD! (we felt like today was a good day to blow some money and do some shopping.) DAY SIX:Today we had organised it so that we could go to the markets on Saturday in Hoorn and do lots of shopping and check out the markets. Hoorn has a very busy vibe about it, and because the markets are only once a week it gets pretty hectic. Oma had her own little shopping list that she took because she doesn't go out into town to often she wanted to take full advantage of being there. Mum was there just to have a look around and i was there for SHOPPING!.. We arrived and parked the car only a couple blocks from the market, so it was a small walk. We had to ... read more
my charming photography.
the market life..
another little bit of happiness..

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