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February 1st 2012
Published: February 1st 2012
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This should be big enough to carry all my luggage, right?



When I woke up this morning, a ray of sunlight shining into my bedroom even though it’s freezing outside, I turned off my alarm and noticed today’s date. It is the first of February - the dreaded month. This is a month I dread because it means that in 30 days I have to be ready for my trip to Costa Rica, because I’m leaving on the 11th of March. Now, there’s not much left to physically do: I need to buy an adaptor that allows me to use American sockets; need to make copies of my health and travel insurance; and try my summer clothes on to see if I still fit them… And then of course buy new summer clothes. But those are not things that cannot be done within a month, so there should be no reason to be stressed out and dread that last month.

I guess the real reason I’m dreading this month is because I am expecting moments of freaking out about other stuff. The people stuff. The missing people stuff. Certain people. Maybe even a certain person…

Life’s good. Today, I got an e-mail confirming that I have graduated my bachelors degree Psychology. A weight fell off of my shoulders – finally all my hard work has been repaid! Now, I can enjoy myself carelessly. I’m going to be travelling to Costa Rica, learning a new language, meeting new people and learning a different way of life. And after that, I’ll try to make as much money as possible to save up for more amazing life events yet to come. Oh, to be young…

So – I’ll try not to freak out over things that should not be freaked out about (Hakuna Matata and such) and we’ll all make sure we enjoy the f*ck out of life and everything it brings.

Because life - is - beautiful.


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