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July 23rd 2010
Published: July 23rd 2010
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Making a wheelMaking a wheelMaking a wheel

Around this little town outside of Arnhem, there were 60 farmers who made wagon wheels as a side business in 1910. By 1950, there was only one left.
Just wanted to start off by saying Thanks! to all of you who have sent comments and messages along to us! It is always nice to hear from our friends and family and we are glad you are enjoying the blog!

Today we went to the Open Air Museum which was close by in Arnhem. This was a little like the Dutch version of Pioneer village but way cooler. There were homes and farms and mills and churches and a working cheese factory all around the huge property. You could walk and/or get around on these street trams, some of which dated back to early 1900s and still work. You could hop on the tram at any of the 6 stations and hop off where you wanted.

We also stopped at the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek but ended up only walking around the grounds. There was a Canadian Army tank on display in the front of the museum along with several cannons from the war. The cannons had fired their last shots a few yards from where we saw them in the Battle of Arnhem. One of the guns had it's plate metal shredded by a German artillery round
Milking a cowMilking a cowMilking a cow

The open air museum ('Openlucht Museum') had some hands on stuff too like this wooden cow that squirted water from udders as you milked it (or maybe it's 'watered it?')
which had killed half the Canadian crew. Really makes you stop and think.

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Who is thirsty?Who is thirsty?
Who is thirsty?

The kids pumped water from a well to refill the cow. So basically, that's exactly what farm life was like at the turn of the century, no?
Playing Pall MallPlaying Pall Mall
Playing Pall Mall

The locals played a game. You use a wooden scoop to launch your (very heavy) cannonball through the metal hoop on the ground. Kind of like horseshoes but with heavy balls instead.
May I see some i.d.?May I see some i.d.?
May I see some i.d.?

Russell would only serve bar patrons in they were UNDER 10 years of age.
Russell at the Red CrossRussell at the Red Cross
Russell at the Red Cross

This hospital had originally been set-up to combat the high infant mortality rate. Many kids were dying of T.B.. Personal hygiene was a contributing factor so this hospital offered free baths and showers where you could wash once a week (this is in 1930s!)
Old tramOld tram
Old tram

It used to be in service in Den Haag (The Hague)
Tram DepotTram Depot
Tram Depot

This tram depot replica has 1/6th the bays of the original which was destroyed in the Battle of Arnhem
Pennyfarthing bikePennyfarthing bike
Pennyfarthing bike

Not sure if I'm spelling that right, but I think that's what these old fashioned bikes are called.
Easier to rideEasier to ride
Easier to ride

Rachie preferred the arm powered pedal carts.
Post millPost mill
Post mill

The Dutch used (in some cases still use) mills of various constructions. Some ground seed into oil, others moved water, some made paint. Holland is covered with modern wind turbines which generate electricity. None of the old ones did or do that. Mostly they pumped water.
Double lift bridgeDouble lift bridge
Double lift bridge

Once the boat went by, the bridge master had to walk out on the raised platforms and use his own body weight to lower the bridge again.
Roof being thatchedRoof being thatched
Roof being thatched

It's bails of straw that are lashed onto the thin boards in the previous picture. Once one bail is layered over the one below, they trim it to shape the roof. Apparently they last for decades before requiring replacement.
Watch out for the tree!Watch out for the tree!
Watch out for the tree!

This gorgeous drive took us down a narrow British-type road where the big old trees are growing right up to the very edge of the roadway.

Those trees soared up to form a gorgeous shady canopy above us.
Airborne MuseumAirborne Museum
Airborne Museum

Canadians played a big role in the Battle of Arnhem. This museum has a lot of our stuff (including a tank and two large guns out back).
Canadian TankCanadian Tank
Canadian Tank

This Sherman tank was part of a Canadian squad that fought a few yards form where it is located today. Canada lost 8 tanks just like it in the battle. it's a Sherman tank built in Detroit.
Our houseOur house
Our house

This is where we are staying in Holland
Our carOur car
Our car

This is the Renault that we drive.
Our foodOur food
Our food

This is the Albert Heijn grocery store that we ride our bikes to every day (sometimes twice) for supplies. We only buy whatever we can fit into a basket on the front of my bike.

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