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September 23rd 2018
Published: September 24th 2018
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It was a lazy Sunday morning for me today. I didn't have any plans so had decided to just take the day as it comes. I ended up venturing out around 11:30 and was wandering a bit aimlessly to start as I couldn't decide if I was hungry or not or what I felt like eating if I was! All I knew was I needed a coffee lol. I started walking toward's Giorgio's when I saw the Valletta ferry approaching so decided to jump on that and then work it out. When I got over to Valletta I went to get a macchiato from a cafe near the wharf and saw they also did toasted sandwiches so I asked for a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. The service was terrible as they kept serving locals before me but eventually I got my order in and they gave me the coffee. I went and sat at a table overlooking the bay and eventually they bought my toasted sandwich over. I looked at the bits of onion hanging out the side and decided to look in it - I could see cheese, onion and tomato but couldn't see any ham. I asked the lady "where's the ham?" and she just shrugged and said "no ham, all out". I mentioned that perhaps they should have told me that rather than replace ham with onion and she advised me to take it up with the lady who took my order. I finished my coffee and took the sandwich back to the lady and asked for my money back (i took the whole debacle as a sign not to eat here!). Anyway, got my money and then headed up the hill toward the city centre. As i was getting close to the centre square I walked past a cafe where I saw the lady place a toasted sandwich in front of a customer, and it looked great! So I went in there, ordered a ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich and a macchiato - and it all cost less than the other place and was so much better! Winner.

Now that I had food and ample coffee flowing through my viens, I headed off to explore. I decided that what I would do is walk all around the city of Valletta on top of the wall, that surrounds the city. It was such a good way to see, not only the city, but the amazing views from all around. Many things were shut today but that was ok with me, as i more interested in seeing the sights. I did try to go into the Malta Experience but the last one finished at 1pm and in talking to Lucas later, it is a bit lame so I'm glad I didn't pay €16 for that! I continued my walk until I came across the limestone tower that contains the 10 ton bronze Seige Bell. This memorial was unveiled in 1992 to mark the 50 year anniversary of the George Cross award. Lying in front of this tower is a bronze figure that represents the 7,000 civilians and armed forces that died in Malta during World War two between 1940 and 1943. The bell is rung everyday at noon and I can only imagine it would be extremely loud, going by the size of it! I continued along the wall checking out the little fishing village that has stood the test of time and many little streets that were all great photo opportunities. Then I came to the Upper Barrakka Gardens - these gardens are a magical place to take in the view, through the limestone arches, over to the three cities of Senglea, Vittoriosa and Kalkara. These gardens were built on top of a bastion back in 1661 and were only used by the Knights of Malta for the next 150 years, when they were eventually opened to the public. These gardens are at the hightest point of Valletta. By now I was getting a little thirsty and they advertised €5 Aperol Spritz which I could sit in the garden and enjoy - I'm only human so of course I had to do this. After my little refresher stop I continued on my way, exploring all the building buildings in this area and eventually making my way through the city streets, browsing at shops along the way. I found my way back to the cafe that Lucas had taken us to yesterday so stopped for another espresso macchiato. I then connected up with Rosie and she wasn't far from where I was so I went to find her. She felt like a coffee so we walked back to Lot 61 Cafe and then we heard from Lucas, so we waited there for him.

Once we were all together I suggested they come with me to visit the Upper Barrakka Gardens as I knew they would also enjoy this location. We had some fun taking photos and just generally enjoying the view. There is a lift that is free to get all the way to the bottom where the harbour for the ferry to the Three Cities leaves from so we headed down ther. We wanted to get the ferry across to Senglea and that was when we noticed the little gondola type boats so we decided to get one of them instead. The spot we got the boat from was right under a huge cruise ship, so that made the departure even more interesting as apparently the ship would soon be departing! We safely made it from under the belly of the beast and we were in our way across the water. What a lovely way to travel! When we reached Senglea we walked along the waterfront, taking in all the buildings and views along the water. We walked all the way in until we came across a footbridge that took us over to the other side. It was starting to get a bit late now so we agreed to catch the next ferry back to Valletta which was a lovely ride as the sun was just starting to set. Once back on Valletta we made our way across the city to the other side so we could get the ferry back over to Sliema. It was about 7:40 by the time we got there and were glad to see there was a ferry departing at 7:45 and that we had made it as there ferries start to be a bit few and far between at this time. Once we were back in Sliema we headed to this little restaurant that Lucas recommended that does amazing rabbit ravioli but unfortunately it was closed. There is no lack of restaurants in Sliema though and we liked the look of another one that was only a few doors down. We were lucky to get the last table as the restaurant was very full. We ordered our food - i picked a risotto that was made with lobster and prawn bisque- and while we were waiting the power went out! The first thing we thought was "they better be able to make our food" as we were all starving by this time! Anyway, the man flicked the switch and the power came back on and the restaurant patrons all cheered! We all really enjoyed our meals and the local red wine! Another lovely evening.

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