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Europe » Malta » Malta » Paceville July 5th 2015

We wait in the street outside the hotel for Louis and his wife Lilly to pick us up. We're a bit slow to realise that we're standing on a bus stop. It should have been a giveaway that the buses kept stopping and the drivers looked a bit angry when we waved them on. Our first stop is Louis and Lilly's caravan where they spend most of the summer. It's parked on what looks to us like prime waterfront land, and they tell us they expect that the government will soon stop them using it so that the site can be developed. Lilly talks to their caravan neighbour who she tells us has twice won the lottery. We wonder why she's still living in a caravan, but apparently both times the prizes were rabbits. Of course ... read more
Issy with one of her mum's old friends, Balzan
Issy outside her house
Auntie Lina

Europe » Malta » Malta » Paceville July 4th 2015

Issy says she's not sure why she's feeling so nervous about returning to the land of her birth and meeting lots of long lost relatives. I assure her that I'd probably feel nervous too if I was about to catch up a bunch of cousins I last saw fifty years ago when I was four years old, not too mention the many other relatives who weren't even thought about when I was last here. The Santorini airport is very small and ridiculously overcrowded. I suspect an upgrade might be a few years off given the Greek government appears to be effectively broke. We sprint through the Athens terminal to catch our connection to Malta; we hope our bags sprinted as well. The security is very thorough, and we're even made to take the lens caps off ... read more

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