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September 14th 2011
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I have never been one to go to a country to just tick it off the list but for the first time I did it. I had no real interest in coming here but since I was around the area I thought what happens if somewhere down the track I have one country left to see and I have to travel all the way from Australia to see it. I was in Germany Trier, which is an ideal place to stay overnight and do a half day trip in both places. Trier and the small European country Luxemburg.

Trier was briefly the capital of the Western Roman Empire and was the most important Roman city north of the Alps. Because of this location it provides a chance to see Roman ruins in a different light and different colour.

Instead of the dry dusty land of most ruins of antiquity. Trier’s ruins are covered in moss and the ground is a lush green grass. The major reason to come here was to see the theatre where they dug up a hill and using the slope they created one side and put the earth dug up on the other side to create an arena worthy of theatre and Gladiatorial battles. Because of the damp weather the hills are covered in green grass.

Out at the middle there are two entry points where you are able to walk down into the dungeon. Dark inside and held up by posts it allows a slight chance to experience the scene of arriving on stage as you walk back up towards silence and just the crowd in your imagination.

There is more than just the arena from Roman times there’s the Barbarathermen which, was a large area near the Mosel River, which was used for hot springs. Closer to town is the Kaiserthermen the emperors spring with its high red brick walls and the Porta Nigra. An imposing large black gate that is the largest Roman gate north of the Alps. You can climb up and get views of most of the city. It’s a quiet city with a small generally older tour group crowd.

I don’t think that Trier is worth a special visit but if you are around the area, which I was, than it’s a good day filler especially when the country Luxemburg is only an hour away.

I was lucky enough to get a return ticket for 10euro so the day trip was not expensive. I arrived and was kind of like yeah its just another European city and I left pretty much that way too. Views from Viaduc bridge looks down Plateau du Rham and the old town below. It’s nice but not much adventure really. It was at this point I realised for sure I came here to tick off a country… Very lame I know. I hope I don’t become one of those guys who goes to a country to tick it off. I deliberately skipped Burundi in Africa so I didn’t become one of those people.

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12th October 2011

Very disappointing entry. Lately your blogs have been feeling rather listless and uninspired, almost as if you're bored with Europe or travelling in general. I think Luxembourg deserves more than just a day trip, it's actually a unique little country with nice castles and good hiking if you venture out of the capital.
12th October 2011

That's true Jens, that's why there is only one blog entry left in Europe and flew to another place in the world.

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