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May 22nd 2012
Published: May 22nd 2012
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It is difficult or even impossible to find an animal friend who does not like the huskies (here I do not start a discussion on a variety of species, subspecies and multiformity – these dogs you encounter throughout the whole Arctic region: Canada, Alaska, Siberia). 'Like' is not the right word. So really it should be said it’s difficult to find one who isn’t delighted, enraptured by huskies, who does not rejoice in these creatures. In the same way the huskies behave to the people. They are so friendly, faithful and diligent, so sincerely. It is no accident. It has been worked out through thousands of years. However, other dogs and horses and even cats, who are known to love to walk, where they same like, have been with us for the same period. So husky is a special, particular case, however, in some way peculiar.
But at first let us to rejoice in the portrait (!) shots. All, absolutely all the babies are fine. And husky pups did not show themselves in any special way, either their beauty (as it sometimes do, for example parrots!), or the affection for humans. So the adult dogs in this aspect are even more attractive, frankly, able to take the lead. And yet – who can look at these kids indifferent. By the way they are quite quickly becoming more grown-up.
Another picture series – huskies are very friendly to other animals. Especially to those in the range of their residential area, such as penguins. Here a picture story, which at first looks quite sinister. But soon it turns into its contrary. And in the end – a complete idyll and harmony.
Why the dog is to chain – it’s a special issue. Being diligent, hard-working, strong and obedient, huskies are incorrigible wanderers (just for me – Wanderer by name and in point of fact). They want to grasp the world, to run around the globe, to find out everything what they just see. Probably somewhere in the deep still smoulders a hunter instinct, too. Therefore, the huskies, however, are always kept at the link / chain. Also for their own sake. Or you need to build a respectable enclosure with a deep foundation because the huskies are profoundly scratching and digging up and from a weaker enclosure are easy out. They either jump the fence, or climb it over or dig a deep hole / pit below it.


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