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Europe » Latvia » Latgale Region May 6th 2015

Day 6 - Palanga to Rezekne The aim was to drive through Lithuania into Latvia, ending at Rezekne close to the Russian border. There were two reasons however that we went out of our way to stay in Palanga in the first place; To swim in the Baltic Sea, and to explore a genuine decommissioned ICBM launch site at Dvina. The first goal was accomplished in the morning before breakfast, and although the beach had soft yellow sand, the day was cold and damp and we all mumbled quiet goodbyes to parts of our bodies we didn't think we'd see again for a while. Following a brisk swim (me), paddle (John), and slight moistening of a big toe (Dave F), we had breakfast on the promenade. John and Dave's plates of ham, fried eggs and cold ... read more
Tea, coffe and nuclear weapons
command and control bunker
The concrete domes of the silos

Europe » Latvia » Latgale Region » Daugavpils July 1st 2013

We are now really in territory we know little about and Latvia is probably the most mysterious of the three Baltic countries to us with reportedly a still heavy influence of its past ties to Russia evident. Taking the A14 north out of the city the countryside passed by quickly with few towns and villages to slow us down and with little traffic around we got to the turn off for the R114 faster than we thought we would. We decided to take a lesser road that ran between a series of lakes thinking it would be more scenic and although we didn't actually drive close to the lakes to view them the forests surrounding them were still enjoyable. We were that close to the lakes that we thought we would take a chance and drive ... read more
Simple interior of church
Housing and the road out
Would we or wouldn't we,the dunny at the lake

Europe » Latvia » Latgale Region » Daugavpils November 23rd 2012

Latvia - Riga I had been told many a bad reivew of Riga but I had decided to stay four days anyway. Unfortunately it began with bedbugs in my hostel bed...found crawling on me as I read my book. Ewww. Change of room....change of room again to a private attic....freezing cold but I value my alone time and security more. I walked town, discovered the sights, chilled out, read books, watched movies on my tablet and generally got some recovery sleep and mental health time back in order. I researched the vintage shops, and visited a cupcake shop reccomended in my airflight magazine...I did some damage to my coin purse in both places. I went to the markets, saw the last twilight film in the cheap 4€, and walked til my feet hurt. Having a ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Latgale Region » Daugavpils June 15th 2011

Here's the deal. I'm in the library, banging on a keyboard who's spacebar seems to be stuck so am making quite a racket. I'm in the library because, according to tourist information who didn't listen to me when i said that the internet cafe they said I should go to is closed, is the only other place i can use the internet (according to them). What's happened since I last blogged? Well, i've had my gear cable replaced, chain oiled and a new tyre fitted but well, i'm still stuck in first gear. Grrrrr. Not so bad because I'm in hilly country, Latgale, but still... And tomorrow I'm out the door (ie border) to Lithuania. So after Aluksne I was Balvi bound. But, you know how things can change... I was still Balvi bound and what ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Latgale Region June 10th 2011

What have I done since I last blogged? Moved on but not all that much and still managed to make it to a new country. You gotta love Europe for its incy wincy distances and new countries every few hundred kilometres. Ride out of Tartu pretty uneventful. Did meet a Swiss cyclist, Jepp, riding into town as I was riding out. He had ridden from Switzerland in the same time that I had spent in Estonia. And done double the distance. Hmmm. Am glad I'm not cycling with these guys I'm meeting along the way. Actually, what am I saying? There's no way I even could! I did end up camping that night in a place that also doubles as a nightclub "Life" just near Podha. Luckily, there was no life at the club. Just me. ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Latgale Region September 27th 2010

Am Wochenende habe ich einen Trip mit 9 anderen Turiba-Studenten und einem Bus voller Studenten der lettischen Uni nach Latgale gemacht. Latgale liegt im Osten von Lettland und hat unzählige Seen und beeindruckende Natur zu bieten. Samstags morgen um kurz nach 7 verließ der Reisebus voller Studenten (die Hälfte davon waren Deutsche) die Hauptstadt. Die Straßen in Lettland sind "abenteuerreich". Zwischendurch fühlte man sich nicht immer als ob man auf einer ausphaltierten Landstraße fahren würde sondern eher wie auf einem Schiff bei starkem Wellengang! Die Region Latgale ist um die 250 km von Riga entfernt, weshalb es auch ein 2-Tages-Trip war. Die Reisestopps sind auf dem Bild mit dem Tagesplan zu sehen. Leider wurde schon bei Abfahrt des Busses wegen einer Verspätung von 25 Min die Glasbläserei abgesagt... es folgten weitere 2 Stationen, die flach fielen ... read more
TV Tower am fruehen morgen
Der gescheiterte Plan
Unser Bus (Schiff)

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