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Europe » Kosovo November 10th 2006

At around 6AM the bus dropped us in Prishtina's bus station. I was quite happy to get out as after the ripoff we had gone through 2 hours earlier (read the end of previous blog) I hadn't been able to sleep because I was too angry. It was good to get out of the tense atmosphere. The plan for the day was to go to Prizren as a day trip. We first checked in at a guesthouse where we woke the receptionist up and then went back to the bus station. On the way back, an old man started talking with Ruddel (who, as an american of filipino origin stand out as a tourist here). He didn't speak any english but seemed very happy when we said we were tourists. Back in the pre-communist day, Kosovo ... read more
They're loving the US
Looking at Prizen
Prizen bridge and mosque

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina November 10th 2005

7 November Fiona's camera did not turn up but we collected the police report at 3.00 pm. We arrived at the station earlier and were asked to come back in the afternoon. We spent a few of our extra hours in Sarajevo retaking lost photos on Marcus' film camera, sipping Bosnian coffee and trying to relax. We came across a decaying military helicopter on the edge of an unkept park near the Holiday Inn. We took photos from a safe distance. At the autobus station we enquired about ways of leaving Sarajevo. The sole English-speaking gentleman at the "information desk" angrily told us how to get to Prishtina via Novi Pazar (Serbia). We departed Sarajevo at 10.00 pm for Novi Pazar on a crowded but friendly bus. 8 November Arrived at Novi Pazar at 6.00 am ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina July 4th 2005

Those of you I haven’t heard from in some time, comment, send me a message, let me know you’re out there! Also, I’m now without my laptop—very sad—so all my writing for the next year will be unrevised right out of the head writing, apologies in advance for any errors or omissions Sofia, Bulgaria—July 3rd, 2005 Thinking, pondering, wondering, debating—what do I do next? I’m at a bit of a crossroads. My friends have all had to go their separate ways, and I’ve been in Sofia working on the remainder of my travel plans before August 9th when my Russian visa becomes active. (Note: Tourist visas to Russia are only valid for a 30 day window that you pre-select). I can either continue going east through the rest of Bulgaria, then move into Romania, followed by ... read more
A Kosovar playing to the war hero
A smaller version of the original
This is classic

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