Pristina, Kosovo - The Newest Country in the World

This journal has been deleted.
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2nd June 2009

What am I getting in for...?1
Great blog, nice work. I get to see kosovo for the first time this August, mostly the western countryside, and I'm looking forward to a land of real contrast.
3rd June 2009

Cheers Maddie. It was a very interesting place to see.
9th July 2009

my visit to pristina
i spent a year in pristina as an international police officer. i will never forget the way the people there treated me. i worked patrol and at the detention center. i met an albainian inmate named Arif Krachniski (aka) Muya. this guy was one of a kind. the stories he told me about the war was unbelievable. he also told me that they were albainians being held at the det. center for no reason. the courts wanted mony for their release, but they were poor people. so i went to see the president of the court (judge) and had a long talk with him. i explained the situation to him and he agreed to to visit the he talked to several prisoners and by the end of his visit 19 prisoners were released. Arif thanked me and asked me who me a question. he asked Who are you? i replied, just a police officer and he smiled and shook his head. his response to me was no. you are my friend. that meant the world to me. it felt so good and right to be able to help those people. i will never forget Arif and the people of Pristina. i hope to one day return there for a visit and to look up some old friends.
10th July 2009

I'd agree, the Balkans are a friendly place. And you should go back to Kosovo, it would be interesting for you to see the changes that have happened there.
25th July 2009

I hate mayonnaise too.
I just arrived in Pristina today, and I will be living here for 3 months while I have an internship at an NGO. I thought your blog was really funny and well written, and I haven't seen much of the city yet but your comments seem dead-on. The part about mayonnaise really scares me though, as it's been a life-long enemy of mine. I'm really happy thought I have a heads-up and now
26th July 2009

Mayonnaise - don't get me started again!
29th November 2009

Lok in the web,gogle;Nexhmedin LLumnica//recidivisti.
20th December 2009

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7th March 2010

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15th March 2010

smrt siptarima
klacemo vas siptari je-00os jednom ako bog da srece ni macka siptarska ziva ostat nece zuba cetnik zmija
16th March 2010

I'll have to be more careful with some of these comments!
1st July 2010
Birra Peja - the local brew

te nderuar zotri te Birra Peja
pershendetje zotri i nderuar ,un jam Manueli nga Klina ,sa i perket Birra Peja nuk kam verejtje esht me e mira ne rajon,kisha nje lutje per ju a mund qe un te punsohem ne birra peja ne qfaredo sektori ska rendesi okej po e le add ose ne Fb Marku Manuel ju pershendes gjitha te mirat pun te mbar.
14th August 2010

Hi, I am from London UK. I am married to a Kosovan, we have been together for 12 years. This is my third visit to his country and I will be moving here in a couple of years to live permanently. The mayo has'nt posed a problem to me yet but I will watch out for it. I think the worst thing here is some of the toilets are not not regular normal ones, but very low in the ground ones. Very tricky if you are not a male to use and not into them at all.
22nd October 2010

Dear sir i want to information about nearst countries of kosov pristina so please inform me as soon as possible.I shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.
22nd October 2010

I'm not sure what you actually need, but the countries that border Kosovo are I think, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia.
27th November 2010

in kosovo in the war/or time of the war its have 20.000 victms morders or killed,for the forces yug/end liberation army 2 fraksiones uck-fark,- - actuality the kosovo its uone state republikue of kosovo,wher iam created formed for the wrating documents. - Nexhmedin LLumnica
7th January 2011

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10th February 2012

reregion of balkan states to asociated in european comunithy,end, Republikue of Kosovo
10th May 2013


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