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Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina September 12th 2018

Today we’re off to Pristina, capital of Kosovo. Most of my knowledge of Kosovo comes from watching the news delivered by Kate Adie in a bulletproof vest, so I’m looking forward to seeing modern day Kosovo for myself. First, breakfast which consists of more sausage and aubergine topped with cheese. I didn’t think I liked aubergine but apparently the secret to making it palatable is to outnumber it 3:1 with cheese. We set off for bus station. Our suitcase was damaged on the flight; the bottom has caved in so the wheels no longer touch the floor, thus making it difficult to manoeuvre. I suggest buying a new one, but the old man opts to make do and moan. A lot of moaning. Kosovo isn’t the easiest place to reach. The Serbs don’t recognise it so ... read more
Newborn monument
Monument to Heroins

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina June 25th 2018

When we hear the word Kosovo, we think of war reports. But we find Prizren to be a small, quiet town set on a small river. It has a village feel. After our early morning coach journey from Albania, we find a small coffee shop and sit outside in the sun with very good cappuccinos. We climb up to the ruined fortress that overlooks the town. The view is stunning and we count the slim minarets. There are 40 mosques in Prizren and at noon those minarets burst into life, calling the faithful to prayer. In Albania we were seldom aware that it was a predominantly Muslim country. Kosovo is 95% Muslim and it is much more apparent. We had expected Kosovo to be Albania in miniature but it is not. If Albania feels close to ... read more
Bill Clinton

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina May 27th 2017

Rano sa budim a izraelcana este furt neni. Potichu opustam izbu a smer bus stanica vzdialena od ubytka asi 20.min pesi. Bus mi ide o 7/00. Vcera mi chceli objednavat taxi, bo fakt 2,5km je straaaaasne velka dialka. V pekarnicke kupujem prvy burek na mojom malom balkanskom putovani. Predavacka sonduje odkial som, slovensko, tak v tom pripade du sprichst deutsch? No veru ani moc uz ne. Ulice sa pomalicky uz plnia a to je len 6/15. Na namesti je dokonca 24hod pizzerka. Cas na prehliadku mesta resp pevnosti nemam. Pred hradbami je kopa obchodikov, trh s ovozelom, pekarnicky a strasne masy ludi. Nebol by som to ja keby som si zas nesplietol vchod na bus stanicu. Pekne som si to namierili k mhd nastupistiam, normalna bus stanica je hned vedla avsak oplotena tak zas to cele ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina January 31st 2017

The Balkans experience continues with my first visit to Kosovo, a country that is 90% ethnic Albanian and after my recent experience a destination I was sure to enjoy visiting. The Ottoman Empire ruled the Balkans for 500 years, with the influence of the Ottomans evidenced by the religious affiliation of the Kosovars, including the beautiful mosques throughout the country. However, the locals are not strictly religious; it's rare to see a lady covered when strolling in the capital city Pristina or other cities in the country. As soon as I arrived, there was a relaxed welcome that's been reinforced through the duration of my visit to this lovely country. The hospitality in the Balkans is special, and something I’ll treasure long after this visit has drawn to a close. The journal left off in Skopje, ... read more
Pristina building
Stone Bridge in Prizren
Beautiful monastery

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina October 15th 2016

It has just dawned on me that I have reached a personal Travelblog milestone with this entry - 250 blogs in 10 years, 10,000+ photographs and before I started writing this one, 284,000 words exactly. Skopje Bus Station was calm and orderly. We arrived early for our 0800 hours departure. The breakfast at the hotel didn’t kick off until 0800 hours, so we’d had to sacrifice free nourishment in favour of making the bus departure. We settled in the first café inside for a sausage burek and a Nescafe. The Nescafe turned out to be some form of cold coffee with chocolate trimmings. Nice, but arguably not what was required or expected. The Pristina Express was a minibus. We waited patiently at Peron 1 and watched a sock salesmen shift 4 pairs for a crisp 10 ... read more
Bill Clinton Statue
Mother Theresa Boulevard
Mother Theresa Boulevard

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina August 28th 2016

Although I had already been there, I had to go back to Skopje from Ohrid on order to catch a connecting bus to Pristina, Kosovo. On the bus to Skopje, an local man seemed to be annoying everyone by talking to them. From the looks on the faces of the people he was talking to, it seems he was talking sh*t or ranting - one dude in particular looked on the verge of punching the guy in the face. Stuck in traffic, I prayed that the dude wouldn't come over and start ranting at me - the bus ride seemed to last forever. And I still had another bus to catch - and it left early! Good thing I generally get to the platform about fifteen minutes early these days. In the bus station, I managed ... read more
Newborn Monument
Jashar Pasha Mosque
Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina September 15th 2015

"Tell the world that we are OK now, the war is over", the Kosovan guy told me. His name I can not recall, as I met him on the typical, quite shallow way you meet travellers and locals on the hostel trail. Indeed, the couple of Kosovan locals I was hanging out with for breakfast I had met earlier due to some Korean girls I met in the hostel, which, in turn, giggly appreciated my stories about "Pyongyang style cold noodles", soju, work pressure and "Caffè Pascucci". Eventually I ended up having brunch with the Koreans and some Kosovan guys, choking on Balkanic meatballs and shots of Rakia at 10am in Kosovo's reborn capital Prishtina. A pretty weird way to meet the locals, but the end still justifies the means I guess. Anyway, over several shots ... read more
Albania to Kosovo
Albania to Kosovo

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina July 30th 2015

Kosovo is the newest country of Europe, or at least the last one who has been recognized by many. Back in February 2008, Kosovo declared his independence over Serbia, and was diplomatically recognized by 108 UN member states. So as they still lack 85 UN member states to recognized them, they are not a full member of UN. They are only recognized by 23 out of the 28 members of the European Union. With time, we all guess that the Republic of Kosovo will fully be recognized as a Sovereign State. Interestingly enough, you will find way more flags around Albania than over Kosovo. The country is populated by a huge majority of Albanians, a majority of them being Muslims. Albanians are rather, let say politely, nationalists. Albania is covered with Albanians flag. In Kosovo, way ... read more
Mother Theresa Cathedral
With Danielo!
A majority of the population here is Muslim.

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina April 4th 2015

I may be fast approaching the point where jet lag is no longer an excuse, but I slept most of the morning. This afternoon, I felt like if I stayed in I would just sleep more so I decided to go out. I wanted to buy a clothing iron, and I'd been told of an appliance store that was just down the street from my usual walk to work, so I decided to give it a shot by myself. I quickly found and bought an iron, but why should I go back so soon? So I decided to explore the new area. And I found something awesome! An open air green market (with excellent looking produce!) that led to a mass of flea market type tents. It was amazing! It reminded me of the big open ... read more
Live Chickens for Sale
#InstaKosovo   #InstaKosova
1 Euro Store

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina March 5th 2015 I've been eating! Oh, and doing other things too! I've had so many wonderful experiences these past couple of weeks, it's hard to name them all. I have a new office-mate, Fiona, who is absolutely awesome. We've had lunch a couple of times. I ran into Leurata after work and we went out for coffee and went clothing shopping. I didn't buy clothing then, but later I bought socks and I hope to get some t-shirts and scarves soon. I also bought some amazing silver earrings, but they are going to be gifts for people so I'm not going to upload pictures of them yet until they've been given (probably end of March after I come back to take the MPRE and then return to Kosovo). For those curious about the price of handmade silver ... read more
Burek and Veg
Don't Remember This
I Eat Salad

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