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June 23rd 2011
Published: June 23rd 2011
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I wrote this 2 days ago, so excuse the tenses.

Hello there. I haven't posted since Saturday, and it's Tuesday... my apologies. Anyway, as previously stated We went to a yodeling festival in Interlaken, Switzerland. The streets were lined with people dressed in traditional Swiss garb and carrying the big long horns that I don't know the names of. We got to hear a few folk singing groups and the players of those large horns.
Saturday afternoon we drove a little ways out of Interlaken to a town called Grindelwald, which is seated at the base of the Eiger. The clouds hung low, so we couldn't see the full North face, but it was still pretty neat seeing all the chalets and meadows and waterfalls.
Sunday we went on a long uphill hike to some prime mountain viewing spots. It was hard, but it was absolutely beautiful, and we were up really high. After that, we returned to Grindelwald, hoping to see the North Face of the Eiger. Sadly, twas not to be. We did catch a glimpse of Jungfrau, though. We left that area and drove to a town called Visp, where we camped.
Yesterday (Monday) We drove to a mountain town and took a shuttle to the even more mountain town of Zermatt, where only electric cars are allowed. The town itself was cute, especially with the cobblestone streets and older architecture; but what really made it special was its location at the bottom of the Matterhorn. We took a cable car up another couple thousand feet, and the view was absolutely incredible. we hiked a ways to a grassy meadow and took in the mountains. I'd describe it for you, but the pictures speak for themselves. Promise.
After our Matterhorn experience, we hopped back in the motorhome and took off to the magical land of Italy, where we camped near Milan.
Tuesday morning we went to downtown Milan, which was a crazy experience... the subways and buses were packed. We didn't stay long, but we got to see the Duomo, a beautifully crafted cathedral. The children and Mom weren't allowed in, as our shorts ended above the knee. Dad got to go in, though, and he reports huge marble columns and incredible artwork. After Milan we once again did some driving to Venice, or an hour outside of it, where we camped on Tuesday night and Wednesday night. We did a lot of lying on the beach, and on Wednesday afternoon we took a bus and ferry to Venice, where we got to see all the canals and gondolas. It was really neat! Mom and Dad got to spend their 20th anniversary in Venice. Awwwww😊

I'm sorry, I have loads of pictures to upload, but mom and dad are taking the computer soon, so that won't be possible today. There are, however, some really good ones, so stay tuned!


23rd June 2011

Wish I was there!
I love reading your posts! I bet you are all enjoying Italy: there are so many beautiful beaches and stunning churches. Good food too! Have a great time and keep posting those wonderful photos! oh yeah... We miss you!!!!

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