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January 17th 2010
Published: February 11th 2010
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Venice Venice is still one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world. This romantic sanctuary on a lagoon is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. Venice is the world's only pedestrian city and the absence of cars makes it a particularly pleasant experience. If you want to get around a bit more quickly, there are numerous A... Read Full Entry

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A myriad of warm coloursA myriad of warm colours
A myriad of warm colours

Everywhere you look, you'll see houses clad in blue, pink, red, green, lavender, purple, yellow, and other colours.
San Martino's leaning towerSan Martino's leaning tower
San Martino's leaning tower

Apart from the painted houses Burano's most identifiable landmark is church San Martino which has an impressively-leaning belltower
San Michele in IsolaSan Michele in Isola
San Michele in Isola

The 15th century Roman Catholic church is located on San Michele island
Rialto bridgeRialto bridge
Rialto bridge

The Rialto Bridge is one of only four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. It is also the oldest one.
Piazza San MarcoPiazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco

As the central landmark and gathering place for Venice, the Piazza San Marco is extremely popular
St Mark's CampanileSt Mark's Campanile
St Mark's Campanile

The 100m tall tower was built in 1514 but completely reconstructed in 1912 after it had collapsed 10 year earlier.
St Mark's ClockSt Mark's Clock
St Mark's Clock

The first clock housed in the tower was built and installed between 1496 and 1499
St Mark's ClockSt Mark's Clock
St Mark's Clock

Today the clock displays the original I to XXIIII numbering around the outside. The signs of the zodiac are in anticlockwise order around the inner zodiac dial.
St Mark's ClocktowerSt Mark's Clocktower
St Mark's Clocktower

The Virgin Mary and baby Jesus lie between two displays: the hour in Roman numerals and the minutes Arabic numerals.
Doge and lionDoge and lion
Doge and lion

Doge Foscari kneels before the lion of St Mark's, the symbol of the republic from 828
Denounciation box, Doge's PalaceDenounciation box, Doge's Palace
Denounciation box, Doge's Palace

Any Venetian citizen could accuse someone of misdeeds by writing the denunciation down and slipping it through specially placed slots like this one
Golden Staircase, Doge's PalaceGolden Staircase, Doge's Palace
Golden Staircase, Doge's Palace

The stairway owes its name to the spectacular golden stucco decorated vault
Golden Staircase, Doge's PalaceGolden Staircase, Doge's Palace
Golden Staircase, Doge's Palace

The lavishly decorated Golden staircase expresses the great wealth that the Venetians once possessed.
Doge's Apartments, Doge'sPalaceDoge's Apartments, Doge'sPalace
Doge's Apartments, Doge'sPalace

The Doge’s apartments were completed around 1510 as a prestigious residence.
Scala dei Giganti, Doge's PalaceScala dei Giganti, Doge's Palace
Scala dei Giganti, Doge's Palace

The statues of Mars and Neptune at the top right symbolize the Republic's authority over land and sea

20th February 2010

Gondola, Grand Canal- does it for me
Didn't go to Burano but wish I had now looking at your pictures. Venice is as beautiful as it looks, a must for anyone.

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