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July 17th 2007
Published: July 17th 2007
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Tuesday July 17 11:04 a.m.
I’m sitting in class right now, we’re actually on a break. Either I’ve gotten used to this place, or there hasn’t been anything monumental in the last week or so. However, we did go to Venezia on Friday and Saturday, and that was amazing. It was like an outdoor theme park but it wasn’t a façade. That’s what I’ve noticed in this country, the buildings are beautiful both on the OUTSIDE and INSIDE, not any of that Vegas bull. I’m not sure if I can say the same about the people, but the art and architecture are jawdroppingly amazing. The cool thing about Venice is that there are no cars, no scooters, and Thank God NO bikes. Just people jumping from island to island (I think we walked over 4 miles within 2 days, but we were so visually stimulated, we weren’t complaining at all). And the “bus” there is actually a boat that runs in either a clockwise or “anticlockwise” direction around the island. The Venetians must’ve been wealthy, standing in San Pietro Piazza, one is overwhelmed by the amazing architecture and all the pigeons flying around and gondolas, there’s so much going on.
So Venice is famous for their glass… and rightfully so. They have really cool souvenir type of glass stuff all around; I bought this glass candle holder and its pretty amazing in terms of the detail and the color used. All in all, Venice was my favorite trip, even though it was overrun by tourists. It’s so sad to think that the city is actually sinking, but it’s not like they can just stop the tourism to give attention to the engineering problems. Being my favorite city, Venice also hurt my wallet the most.

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