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June 6th 2012
Published: June 10th 2012
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Trying some of the local fareTrying some of the local fareTrying some of the local fare

Wild boar washed down with a nice cold beer. Molto Buono!
Back on the Sanna trail

Wednesday 6 June, 2012

The best thing about today – I think I found out some information about my great grandfather. I very kind man passionate about anything Italian Military took home with him the photocopy of my great grandfather that I’ve been carrying around with me, hoping that someone, somewhere would be able to identify whether the WWI uniform he wears in the photo was that of an officer or a soldier. I was hoping he would come back with an answer one way or the other, and he did. “Definitely an officer” he said, “of this I am sure”. I could have kissed him. That’s why I couldn’t find his military records in Milan… officers records are kept in Rome. He said something else in Italian, but I couldn’t translate it. He wrote it down for me so I will Google the translation when I can next get on the internet. You know, I’m sure he said something about bombs. Could he have been in some sort of bomb squadron?

For my family-tree pals - Just one other little thing I must put to text
The Bell TowerThe Bell TowerThe Bell Tower

That man at the top works hard at ringing those bells... yep every half hour. But it sounds beautiful.
in case I forget. A lovely man I met at a winery last week, the winemaker of the vineyard, in fact, was giving a presentation in Italian and Katia was translating. He kept saying the word sanna, sanna. I had to ask what he was saying. The word apparently means health or healthy. He was talking about grapes of course, but a worthwhile little snippet for our family.

Please pray with me that I can find my great grandfathers military records in Rome next week. Each time I go into a church, I’ve been lighting a candle for my family search.

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Almost closing time!Almost closing time!
Almost closing time!

Another of the little shops in Montepulciano.
Love this little restaurant... have I said that before!Love this little restaurant... have I said that before!
Love this little restaurant... have I said that before!

Seeing this restaurant all lit up always makes this hill worth it. I wish I could afford to eat at this one, the matre de is scrummy!
An 18 degree hill.An 18 degree hill.
An 18 degree hill.

Just one of the many around here. One would think that one would be fit by the end of this!
Last stretch heading for home!Last stretch heading for home!
Last stretch heading for home!

This one is always tough going!
Ah... my street!Ah... my street!
Ah... my street!

I need some new legs. Ah, hang it, why not go for the full body!

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