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June 5th 2012
Published: June 6th 2012
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Hi all,

Not much to report today. Study, study, study Italian lanugage!

I was supposed to have a tension-release and relaxing massage... but this is Italy. It was a man that came to my apartment. No massage table, no towels, just a tiny bottle of oil. 'I massage on the bed' he said. Ahaaaa? I just wanted shoulders and feet done. 'okay' he said. Face down on the bed with my top off, he started to rub my neck. Not very good, I thought. He moved to my back, then I heard groaning and loud panting, I wondered if he was just hot as it was a humid day... but no, I don't think it was just that. I figured if he didn't stop, I would get up off the bed and tell him to go. I told him to move to my feet. After less than half an hour, I told him it was enough. "Good eh?" he said. Si, si. I said. I couldn't wait for him to leave. I think he should have paid me, not the other way around. I definately didn't feel relaxed and I'm positive this experience left me even more tense... certainly angry and defiled.

Perhaps a massage here in Italy means something different to what it is in Australia. Anyway, if anyone reading this wants his business card, feel free to contact me!


10th June 2012

messages from ilu residents hope you are enjoying your holiday looks like you are espesially enjoying the wine David and John said they dont like wine but jan would like to be having one with you Janine Mary Robyn and Pam say hurry back we all miss you we are all in unit 2 reading your entries and looking at the photoes thanks for thinking of us see you soon your friends.
10th June 2012

the massage experience i would like to have been there had a giggle to my self you have more courage than me.The cooking classes sound great i love cooking and Italion food and wine Italy of course one of the best places to be if you like food and wine all sounds lovely maybe i will go some where exotic some day, your trip makes mine to Queensland sound very ordinary .all the ilu clients have been enjoying your stories on Italy look forward to your next entry.take care Jan.

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