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April 5th 2011
Published: April 5th 2011
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Day 23
It’s hot our there! Yeay, amazing sunshine, but if it’s this sticky now what’s it going to be like in Summer?
Jaime got lots done today; he washed out our brine tank which is used to soften the water and regulated the levels, trimmed some pine trees, swept leaves of the carport roof and released a strangled tree from some ivy.

I attempted to strip a bench that one of our predecessors had accidental painted with the wrong varnish.
There I was, all kitted out – safety glasses, breathing mask and chemical gloves, only to then leave my feet exposed in some silly sandals.
What a dipstick! I dripped a tiny drop of the paint stripper on my foot and it stung like mad! Don’t worry, I just have a tiny red mark to show for my ordeal, but it does sound cool to say that I now have an acid burn scar!
The bench still looks the same by the way, grumble, grumble. Will try sanding it down next.
Then I decided to tackle one of my least favourite jobs. Spraying the weeds with weed killer.
I know that all you gardeners out there will be thinking
Look closely nowLook closely nowLook closely now

Its a two metre long line of caterpillars. Head to tail they followed each other around the pool...whilst the Lizards stared in wonder...
that it’s got to be done, but I believe that Mother Nature does a fab job deciding what should grow where without us interfering with our immaculate lawns and gravel drives. It feels wrong to be so excited about watching my first seedlings grow whilst dousing other beautiful plants with chemicals ……but enough of my rantings, it’s not my house and I am paid to take care of the property in the way the owners prefer………One day I’ll welcome you to my eco-lodge, with solar power and wild meadows galore!

Day 24
Its Sunday and I am feeling rather out of sorts today. Cant really put my finger on it – just off. I re-potted my beetroot and courgette seedlings and thankfully they survived the ordeal. Then Jaime and I started a bonfire as we had collected lots of weeds and leaves that were now dry enough to burn.
I could not get that song out of my head by The Doors ‘I am the god of hellfire and I give you FIRE……’ Must have driven Jaime crazy with my humming.
That was it for the day really. I baked some bread rolls in the afternoon and Jaime got lots of paperwork done.

Day 25
OK I’ve figured out what was wrong with me yesterday – I was brewing a bug (not literally). I woke feeling very tired and with an upset stomach.

We decided to finish the last of the benches and start painting the outdoor metal chairs – there are 12 of them and they all needed sanding, washing and then painting.
I must admit that I was rather slow and whiny and that Jaime did the lion share of the work, but it’s a job of the list.
Oh and I have my first blister to report from the paintbrush, which I am a little proud of – means I didn’t slack completely.
Time for a lie down….more tomorrow.

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