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October 22nd 2011
Published: October 23rd 2011
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I woke up around 9 headed out to Florence to try to beat the lines for the two places I wanted to see. Well that didn't happen since it was a Saturday and full of Tourist. I first went to the Uffizi gallery and paid the extra 5 euros to skip the line and walked about 2 hours through the Museum. Ive learned that Im not really into religious paintings and more into secular art. Now there are some though that I like. Lucas Cranach il Vecchie had a nice and simple Adam and Eve painting. Sometime the simple paintings that don't have so much going on it actually can tell you so much more then a loud painting with tons of things going on in a small area.

Ive learned to sometimes attach myself to a tour and ease drop on what they are saying or at least follow them to the good stuff since I usually have no clue where I'm going.

Two main paintings that I really liked, one was a painting by Titian "Venus of Urbino" and the other was a painting by Bronzino " Potrait of a Dwarf."

I LOVE SCULPTURES. The patients and skill that goes into a 4d masterpiece is just amazing like the David especially. I did not see the David though on this trip because I did see him when I was 14 and I'm pretty sure he hasn't moved much since then and I didn't want to wait in line for hours to see him chilling in the same spot.

After the Uffizi I walked along the Arno River towards the main bridge ,Ponte Vecchhio, "old bridge." This bridge use be occupied by butcher shops but now they are just jewelry shops. Its really nothing that fancy about the bridge. I think its a great photo spot but I have seen way cooler bridges with shops on them. ha But I guess if I had the money to buy some fancy jewelry I might like the bridge more.

Around the bridge and railing of the bridge you can fine padlocks locked up. This tradition is mainly for love and lovers and that if you lock your pad lock up and throw the key into the river the love between you and your partner is bonded for ever. There is now a fine of 50 euros if they catch you doing this though since they have to remove so many locks and ruins some of the railings.

I then walked to the Domo so I can get my high point city shots in. What a long a terrifying route you take going up to the top. YEP I still hate heights. I did have some one take two pictures of me while I was the top with the city in the background to prove that I went to the top but tad terrifying but amazing view of the city.

Inside the Dome the paintings on the ceiling were amazing of Heaven and Hell and of course when I got to the ground floor again of the cathedral I took some pics of its magnificence. I pretty much saw everything I wanted to see and headed back to the Hostel.

I grabbed my bags and I caught the next train to Rome around 2:40 pm. Oh I did finally buy socks, so I was rocking out my Keen sandals with white socks on.. my feet were warm.

Got to sit across a Nun the whole train ride and that felt a just little awkward.

Got to Rome and the Hostel was an easy find. Found out my friend Ali was in Rome to and her hostel was just two streets over so we met up at my hostel and caught up on what we have been up to for the last month. She told me about the winery's that she worked at which sounded like a cool experience but a lot of work.

We planned to meet up in the morning to explore Rome.


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