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July 25th 2008
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Hi everyone!!!!!! We are here in Florence, but we have been in Cinque terre and Rapallo/Portofino!!! Kyle and I took a few trains and finally made it to our little town in Cinque terre. It is soooooo pretty there. We were walking down the main street with out huge bags and then a man came up to us and said, are you Kyle and Annie? He took us to our hostel, but aparently the place was fully booked so we ended up staying in the owners mothers house!!! So funny. She was this classic wrinkled chubby Italian woman who only said Ciao Bella!!!! She was great. After we got settled we walked down through the small one street to the beach and on eather side were facaterias and restaurants, it was amazing. We had dinner down by the water and just walked around for the rest of the night. The next day we decided to do the famous hike of the five towns. There are five little towns that make up Cinque Terre and you can hike from town to town. It was about 90 degrees and the hike was actually really hard, we were sooo high up, but it was beautiful. That night we took the train (thank god) back to the first city where we were going to have dinner, but we couldnt find a place so we walked to the next town on the same hike and ended up eating at this little Italian place, it was great. We watched the sunset (amazing) and then walked back. Once we got back to our town we walked down the street to get a glass of wine and we were bombarded by an Italian street theater show! It was halarious, we didnt understand a word but they said it was about fishing and sex hahahh. That night Kyle suprised me with the most amazing birthday present ever!!! He told me that instead of staying there one more night, he had booked a nice hotel room in Rapallo. Rapallo is hand down the most beautiful place I have ever been. We took a few trains to get there and then a cab up to an incredible hotel. We lounged by the pool all day and walked around the town. Later that night we had a sunset dinner on the roof!!!!! It was hands down the best birthday ever!!!! The next day we didnt want to leave so we booked the late train to Florence and rented a vespa and rode all over the area. We rode to all of the little towns, Portofino being one of them, and then all over in the other direction. It was amazing. Later that night we took the train to Florence, and just passed out early. Today we have been walking around, and thanks to my girl friends who have spent a lot of time here, we have some good advice as to what to see. Italy is hand down my favorite place so far. We are getting tan and having a blast!!!! Cant wait to see you all. Hope life at home is good. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, you made my day (that and being by the pool in Italy hahahah).

Love you all

XOXOXOXOX Ann and Kyle


25th July 2008

ahhh italy sounds so good!! your birthday sounds amazing!! great gift from kyle!! i miss you!! have a great time in florence!! miss you

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