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August 9th 2016
Published: August 9th 2016
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We arrived early afternoon in Bologna, a very nice northern Italian City. It has as many in Italy an old city and where we stayed was at the edge of it, so we don't have to do much walking. Had to park the car in an inside court yard that had a very small entrance. Had a place so I did not have to shift. We had time left so we walked towards the main centre. Lots of Tourists so that is the time to be careful. Nice old buildings but most impressive are the two to each other. One of them is leaning and they are working on it so it won't go any further. Many historic buildings we could see are boarding the main Plaza. We are a few days here so plenty of time. That night we were happy with a hamburger. You have to work the times when to visit things so it does not interfere with the Siesta. A few churches were on the agenda, as well some public buildings. Here is also some underground area where Bologna started so many years ago. A famous fountain was at the Plaza Magiore , but as many famous buildings they are working on , it was all packed away not for the and tourists to see, pity. These were our last days in Italy, now we are on the way to The Brenner and Austria. The weather becomes a bit cooler that was nice after days of 36-39 degrees. Driving an absolute beautiful road towards the border. Very winding but it has many amazing views. We found the diesel fuel was a lot cheaper in Austria, pity we just fuelled. Passing a few tunnels some of them kilometres long took us into Austria. Absolutely no border control, you just drive through before you know the language became German. We made a coffee stop close to Gries am Brenner. There was a difference in the coffee we noticed. Early afternoon we arrived at The White Horse, Weisen Rossel. Quickly installed in our room we had time for a walk into the village. It looks so friendly all those Tiroler houses spread out in the mountains. There was even some snow left on the high mountain tops. We planned an early night after we had a nice meal in the restaurant. That packed out different. Just ready to have a shower I heard a big bang. Raced out I found Liz laying on the floor. Saw at once looking at her arm this was not good. Found out there was nothing in the village so I made the owner ring the Ambulance. Not long and they were there. They knew a Doctor about 25 kilometres away who was prepared to help. Liz went in the ambulance while I drove behind to pick her up after treatment. Well some treatment. They made x-rays first which was very painful for Liz for the arm was completely out and hang on her side. Three people and the Doctor's wife as well as me had to pull and hold to get the arm back in. A new x-ray showed it was back in. Doing the paperwork I saw blood dripping out on the ground. Than we found out a deep scraping wound was even worse as the arm. Liz had to go back in to get that treated. The broken skin had to be cut of for that would not heal. To cut it short I got Liz back in the car. It bucketed down now we had to find the way back. I was happy when Liz was in bed hoping she could sleep. Next day we went to Regensburg Germany, where we could see a Doctor if there was any infection. Not at that stage. I am very proud of Liz how she handled herself with so much pain. For a few weeks she will have the arm in a sling and lots of rest if possible. We will meet again at the Rhine Boppard.

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10th August 2016

Verry bad, we wish you a lot of goods. Heel veel sterkte en hopelijk kunnen jullie genieten van de trip. Heel veel groetjes van Cock en Marga

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