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April 6th 2010
Published: April 8th 2010
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By this day we had pretty much exhausted Taormina and had heard good things about Catania, so we decided to take the hour bus ride there.

Everyone who said good things about Catanialied. Catania is probably the one place I left in Italy and says that I have absolutely no desire to go back to. Now, i am sure it is probably nice if you live there. but for tourists it is not a good city. especially if the weather isn't nice. It took an hour for us to even find the main duomo, which was pretty, but not necessarily pretty enough that it was worth the trip. There was a food market right around the corner that probably would have been cool except it was a fish market and the smell of fish makes me nauseous.

It didn't help that the day itself wasn't very nice. We definitely should have instead thought to go to Siracusa. Supposedly there were awesome ruins and stuff in Catania, but we couldn't find them, or anyone to tell us where it was (although, no one could tell us where the Duomo was so i guess that wasn't that much of a do you not know where the duomo is in your own city...we asked in italian).

we left catania pretty quickly (we got in a 11 and left by 2) and then wandered around giardini naxos, where our hostel was, for the rest of the afternoon. we got yummy gelato and fun hot chocolate (con nocciolo for me) and went the beach to look at the ocean (in between the rain).

That night was a pasta party at the hostel, where we got to hang out with the 2 other people who were staying in our hostel and hear all about their travels, which was really cool (we found out that the cool part about catania was its night life...provided that you went out with cool people) and interesting. So that was an awesome end to the day that was a little bit of a downer because it was extremely relaxing and just a lot of fun. Especialyl because the two other guys at the hostel spoke English--one was from California and the other from Dublin, so there was no awkward translating or trying to find a language in common, which helped. We all talked for hours about our travels, which was very cool.

This was our last full night and tomorrow we fly out of Catania to Milan, and then from Milan head back, home to Bologna. Over all good trip, and I definitely recommend that everyone GO to Taormina, its absolutely gorgeous. However, perhaps instead of Catania, go to Siracusa.


9th April 2010

Fun to read
Hello, my Laurie. I am sorry that Cantania was not so much fun. However, I was happy to read that the night life saved the day in the end. I really love reading your blog, and I will comment from now on when I do. Lovees. daddy.
9th April 2010

What a nice end to your visit
Hi, Honey -- well, it is clear that you did not love Catania but it did have some nice things. The pasta party sounds like you had a lot of fun -- nice to catch up with other folks who are traveling. Nice relaxing way to end your visit so it left a nice taste for your trip to Sicily. Love, Mom

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