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July 30th 2008
Published: July 30th 2008
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And so the creative juices couldn't produce anything better than a return for the 3rd time, to Sicily. I remember getting upset at my grandson for not being able to make up his mind what flavor ice cream he wanted, so he decided not to have any ice cream. And then I took a good look at myself, and my in ability to choose a destination, and hammer out an itinerary. So I have stayed close to home for the last few years. Well, of all the destinations, Sicily won out again.

I leave the morning of the 8th of September, flying into Catania. Of all the places to go, I return to Italy and France, then a few days to visit a friend in Belgium. And I always seem to get the same flavor ice cream also. Pistachio Nut and Jamoca Almond Fudge. Not much variation, but I love it. I know I will love Italy and France.... again!

here's what I have hammered out so far:

1 8-Sep mon Depart LAX
2 9-Sep tues Arrive, Catania pick up car, begin serious meandering
3 10-Sep wed Sicily, Siracuse
4 11-Sep thurs Sicily, Noto
5 12-Sep fri Sicily, Palazzo Adrino
6 13-Sep sat Sicily, Palazzo Adrino
7 14-Sep sun Sicily, Erice
8 15-Sep mon Sicily, Trapani, Favignana
9 16-Sep tues Fly to Pisa, Lucca
10 17-Sep wed Italy, Bologna
11 18-Sep thurs Italy, ??
12 19-Sep fri Italy, Genoa
13 20-Sep sat France (pick up car in Nice???) Tarascon?
14 21-Sep sun France, Tarascon
15 22-Sep mon France, Toulouse?
16 23-Sep tues France, La Ch√Ętre ??
17 24-Sep wed France, Beaugency?
18 25-Sep thurs France (arrive in Paris that evening)
19 26-Sep fri France, Paris (at least one day in Paris)
20 27-Sep sat Belgium, Take bullet train
21 28-Sep sun Belgium, antique markets
22 29-Sep mon Belgium, last day
23 30-Sep tues Depart for Home (Brussels)


to Blast Off, nasty airline coffeee, I hope I don't wish I had stayed at home!


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