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October 2nd 2016
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Main Entrance01 Main Entrance01 Main Entrance

Looking up at the main entrance.
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After lunch Milena drove Michael, Ilaria, Emanuele and I to a nearby attraction – Oropa Sanctuary. Giovanni was going to ride his motorcycle there and meet us up there. I wasn't that interested in going there because I been there many years ago and it was a very religious place. Although I was happy to be going somewhere! It was a short drive up into the mountains and I prepared myself by wearing my warmest clothes.

It was quite cool when we got out of the car and I tried not to think about the temperature. The sanctuary is a group of Roman Catholic buildings in a valley up the mountains built on a few levels. This is also a place of pilgrimage and there is accommodation available here for them. The clouds were dark and everywhere. We walked uphill into the first courtyard and caught our breath. There are so many buildings here.

We then came to the Ancient Basilica which has the wooden statue of the Black Madonna. At the moment we could here that there was a church service on, so we didn't go in. We continued walking uphill. We walked through part of a building. Here
02 Sanctuary02 Sanctuary02 Sanctuary

In the sanctuary, surrounded by religious buildings.
the walls were covered in photo frames of people that were asking for the Black Madonna to help them. More steps uphill and then we were in front of the Upper Basilica.

This looked quite grand as we were looking uphill at it. This was built between 1885 and 1960 to accommodate the many pilgrims that came here. Inside it is round with a main altar and many side chapels. The dome surprised me as it was plain, no gold or paint on it. The main altar has a painting of the wooden Black Madonna where the statue had planned to be put.

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03 Looking Down03 Looking Down
03 Looking Down

As we walked up the steps I turned around and saw this view.
04 Glimpse04 Glimpse
04 Glimpse

A glimpse of the upper basilica.
05 Basilicas05 Basilicas
05 Basilicas

The ancient basilica to the right and the upper basilica at the top.
06 Sanctuary06 Sanctuary
06 Sanctuary

Some of the religious buildings in the sanctuary.
07 Sanctuary07 Sanctuary
07 Sanctuary

More of the religious buildings in the sanctuary.
08 Inside08 Inside
08 Inside

Inside one of the buildings.
09 Upper Basilica09 Upper Basilica
09 Upper Basilica

The front of the Upper Basilica.
10 Looking Up10 Looking Up
10 Looking Up

Looking up in the portico.
11 Doors11 Doors
11 Doors

The grand, massive doors of the Upper Basilica.
12 Main Altar12 Main Altar
12 Main Altar

The main altar of the Upper Basilica.
13 Chapels13 Chapels
13 Chapels

Some of the Upper Basilica's chapels.
14 Chapels14 Chapels
14 Chapels

More chapels in the Upper Basilica.
15 Dome15 Dome
15 Dome

Looking up at the very plain dome.
16 Main Altar16 Main Altar
16 Main Altar

The main alter has a painting of the Black Madonna.
17 Classic Cars17 Classic Cars
17 Classic Cars

Some of the classic, unique cars that were parked behind the Upper Basilica.
18 Pink Car18 Pink Car
18 Pink Car

One of the classic, unique cars parked behind the Upper Basilica.
19 Convertible19 Convertible
19 Convertible

One of the classic, unique cars parked behind the Upper Basilica.
20 Mountains20 Mountains
20 Mountains

A view of the surrounding mountains.
21 Sanctuary 21 Sanctuary
21 Sanctuary

A view of the sanctuary from the back of it.

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