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October 3rd 2016
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Castle01 Castle01 Castle

The path that leads up to the castle.
Geo: 45.4216, 8.07096

After lunch Ilaria, Michael and I went for a drive with Zia Elenora. She had to go to the nearby town of Roppolo to pick up food for our dinner. Tonight we were having a local speciality – Fritto Misto. This dish translates as 'Mixed Fried' and consists of sweet and savoury food battered and deep fried! Zia parked outside the restaurant and came out a few minutes later with two large oval platters piled high with food. They were covered with foil, so we couldn't see the food, but it did smell delicious!

We then had a quick detour to the local castle. It was a quick drive to the top of the small castle. Parked next to the castle wall was a small truck filled with black grapes. Zia told us that there is a winery here. Part of the castle wall is formed of massive rocks. From the lookout area there was a great view of the surrounding area. We could see many mountains, the local church's bell tower, forests, farmland, vineyards and Lake of Viverone.

Part of this castle is from the 9th century. We followed the path into the castle. Here there was a small chapel
02 Rock02 Rock02 Rock

A huge rock that is part of the castle's wall.
and closed gates. There was a restaurant, but it had recently closed down. A maintenance man came out and told us that this part was privately owned and therefore we couldn't access this area. Zia explained to him that she was local and used to live in Roppolo for many years and her Australian niece and nephew were here. He was nice enough to let us in, we were allowed in the courtyard.

From here there was a great view point of the surrounding countryside. It was a shame we couldn't go into the castle building. We thanked him, left the castle and drove back to Milena's house.

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03 Entrance03 Entrance
03 Entrance

The archway at the entrance to the castle.
04 View from the Castle04 View from the Castle
04 View from the Castle

A view of surrounding farmland below the castle.
05 Black Grapes05 Black Grapes
05 Black Grapes

A little truck full of black grapes.
06 View from the Castle06 View from the Castle
06 View from the Castle

Mountains and the Lake of Viverone are visible from the castle.
07 View from the Castle07 View from the Castle
07 View from the Castle

The town of Roppolo and Lake of Viverone are visible from the castle.
08 View from the Castle08 View from the Castle
08 View from the Castle

Farmland and mountains are visible from the castle.
09 Wall09 Wall
09 Wall

One of the castle's walls.
10 Tower10 Tower
10 Tower

The castle's only tower is half covered in a creeping plant.
11 Castle Grounds11 Castle Grounds
11 Castle Grounds

A building in the castle grounds, the chapel's bell tower is visible to the left.
12 Tower12 Tower
12 Tower

The other side of the tower.
13 Entrance13 Entrance
13 Entrance

The entrance that we were lucky enough to be let through.
14 Chapel14 Chapel
14 Chapel

The castle's chapel.
15 View from the Castle15 View from the Castle
15 View from the Castle

The town of Roppolo and Lake of Viverone.
16 Entrance16 Entrance
16 Entrance

The brick archway at the entrance to the castle grounds.

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