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May 22nd 2011
Published: May 22nd 2011
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Debra and Joe in MilanoDebra and Joe in MilanoDebra and Joe in Milano

We all had a nice pranza at a place in the Galleria in central Milano.
Hello everyone,
Sorry for being so quite. Arrived in Italy (Milano) last Wed (18 May) in the morning. Debra met Joe (my youngest son) and me at the Malpensa AP and we took a taxi to the hotel. Spent most of the day recouperating and getting used to the new time zone. We are just now getting into that groove.
Did a little site seeing on Thursday in Milano while Debra attended a couple of immigration meetings to get all the particulars finished for her and started for me. I didn't have to do much of anything and we are trusting that the laywers know what to do to help us out.
Left out of Milano Centrale train station at 1600 on Thursday for a 1:30 minute ride (express train) to Torino, Porta Susa. Fianlly got a taxi to the Principe di Piemonte, our hotel. It's a little tight now that there are 3 of us in the room but we will make due. Especially since we found out that our apartment will definately be ready for us on June 1 as was planned. We had heard that deadlines in Italy were suggestions but in our case, at least, it seemed
The Duomo in MilanoThe Duomo in MilanoThe Duomo in Milano

Side View - It looks like it is decorated with lace
to be working well. We visited the place on Fri and looked around and took some more measurments. The bathrooms were done and I have to say it was awesome craftsmanship. We are definately going to like living here.
On Sat, 21 May, we rented a Ford diesel station wagon. We did this because we knew we would have to make a few trips to stores for stuff for the apartment. Well, we rented on a Fri morning outside of the center city district at an Avis. We drove past out apatrment with no incident. And we drove about and hour south east of Torino to a town called Voghera. Debra has heard of a lighting showroom called Zonca there where apparently all the fixtures in our hotel came from. Well we were not impressed and spent about 30 minutes trying to find something that would justify the trip, but we came up empty.
So we headed back after a nice lunch at a local trattoria. I had a insulata Nizzarda (for those that don't know "zz" makes it sound like a "Nitsarda" - maybe its regional I just don't know). I have had this salad in a couple of
The Galleria in Milano The Galleria in Milano The Galleria in Milano

We had lunch here - stores and resturants abound
places and it is great. Some places advertise it a Nicoise (sp - salad from Nice, FR).
Back on the road to Torino we headed a little west of the city to a set of stores like IKEA and a place like Lowes and Home Depot called Leroy Merlin (LM). It is not pronounced anything like you would think and don't ask me what it sounds like because I still can't say it. We got some wardrobs and a desk for the office at IKEA and a couple of decent (and somewhat inexpensive lightfixtures) at LM.
We left kind of happy because we found a few things that would work in the apartment. Up until our trip back to Torino driving had not been much of a chore. That all changed when we entered the center of the city and encountered a few quirks like undecipherable sinage, scooters & motorcycles that came out of nowhere and always moved to the front of the traffic and the more than occasional car that decided to cut in front of you seemingly because queues where just for the other poor shmucks without any balls (which, at least for now, describes me to a
Duomo StepsDuomo StepsDuomo Steps

Travel weary Joe
"t"). Maybe it is indicitive of city traffic in general but I think I went through 2 red lights, went the wrong way down one-way streets at least once, and took the car onto streets for pedestrians-only twice as well.
Well I made it back to the hotel while Debra went inside to take a valium and get our son Joe so we would make it to the party we were invited to outside of town. That my friends will have to wait for another telling. It is almost midnight here and I am getting sleepy. Because I am writing this you know we all made the trip out there and back but beleive me there is a story... ciao mia amico and as I have recently found out here I wish you all "En Boca Lupe"


23rd May 2011

Keeping up...
Hey Gary - Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are really gettting into the Italian life style! Enjoy! Anne
23rd May 2011

It's going well
Hope all's well with you too. Let me know when your coming over! Gary
23rd May 2011

Driving in traffic
That story about you driving had me cracking up! That is hysterical! Keep us posted!
24th May 2011

Keeping in touch
Hey Gary - thanks for the update. Sounds like you are getting a royal introduction to Italy. I found the driving there to be insane as well. Take care and enjoy your new place!
28th May 2011

Great entry Gary
Marc and I are laughing about your driving Gary! Glad that Debi had some valium and you made it back successfully. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time adjusting. Keep the entries coming and give our best to Debi. Arlene
19th August 2011

That sounds familiar..... almost
My daughter and I were visiting our cousins and the streets are so confusing. In any case, we (I wasn't driving -- my cousin was) got into a little scrape with another car because both decided to go through a single lane at once. My daughter was slightly traumatized. We drove through fields where suddenly there was a road. It was an experience!
20th August 2011

Glad it worked out
Hi there please say hello to all the folks at AFAMS for me. Deb and I are having a blast!

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