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July 20th 2011
Published: July 20th 2011
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Yesterday afternoon most of the group went to this park area and did sporty activities. I'm proud to say that I participated 😊 I played ultimate frisbee. Yeah, that's right. However, I didn't get the frisbee much, since my aim isn't too great...I did get an interception 😊

After that a much smaller group of us met up with our Italian friends and BBQ'ed. Italian BBQs consist of grilling sausage and sitting around, not much different an American ones to be honest, with the exception of everyone speaking (or trying to speak) Italian.

Today I have a wonderful nap planned and studying since my final is in TWO DAYS!!!

It rained a little last night and some this morning and it's MUCH cooler. I can now sleep under my covers 😊

These next two days (today included) will be pretty low key, so I may not post anything, just to let you know.



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