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July 23rd 2011
Published: July 23rd 2011
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Today is my last full day in Urbino. I'm both sad and happy to be leaving for Florence tomorrow. On the one hand, Urbino's beautiful and intimate. I know people here and where everything is. On the other hand, it's small and pretty secluded. Urbino is a town, I'm a city girl. Florence is going to be amazingly big and full, just the way I like it. Also, moving to Florence means I've completed a semester of Italian, survived three weeks in a foreign country without calling my mom too much (every other day isn't that much, right? Kidding.) and only have two and a half more until I'm home. I'll be sad to leave, but happy to be home and then back at 'Nova.

Not much has happened since my last post. I studied for my final, took my final, edited a movie about sports in Italy and celebrated the end of Urbino classes. Unfortunately, I was exhausted, so instead of living up my second to last night in Urbino and dancing the night away, I sat and watched my fellow Villanovans, and the five non-Villanovans on the trip, live it up in the over crowded bar.

Once back in my room, I passed out on my bed and temporarily caught up on sleep. I woke up this morning before ten, ON MY OWN, and went to Urbino's monthly open-air market. I had hope there would be stall after stall of food, but mostly it was just clothes and random other things. Lien, Sarah, Liana and I, having mistakenly thought the Mensa would be open for breakfast after ten, stopped by a pastry shop and bought a quarter kilo (about one pound) of cookies and devoured them. I also bought the best cream sandwich thing of my life, which Liana gleefully took pictures of, documenting me licking the super rich cream off my fingers.

Tonight we have a farewell dinner with our professors that taught us here. I'm not really sure what to expect, besides a lot of food, a lot of fun and more food.

Next time I post, I'll be in Florence!!



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