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April 30th 2016
Published: May 1st 2016
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well, from St Jean De Monts we headed east, and ended up in a place called parthenay. Stayed in a proper campsite for shower and electric. There wasnt much to do in the town, so had a walk down the river, and that was about it. This is where we first discovered that you can buy French sticks(bread) from a machine.

Next day headed east again to Moulins. It was an Aire, but not bad. Some new age travellers (gypos), were on the site but no bother. Nothing much there so we didnt explore much.

Next day arrived at an Abbey in Bourge en Bresse. It was the car park for the Abbey, and there was a biathlon event that day. I didnt enter it, or the Abbey, but Fiona did and said it was worth the E7 to get in. Nice town, but coffee was about £6 for 2. Broke my heart.

We headed for the alps,to Annecy. Lovely old town, and we stayed in a campsite proper for 2 nights. We visited the fier gorge which had a somewhat rickety wooden walkway tied to the cliff face. Charley didn't like it at all, and me and Fiona wernt far behind him with that. The lake seemed as if it would be really nice in the summer, but it was a bit cold in the evening for a dip. Haha. it is difficult to explain the feel or atmosphere but this was one of our favourite

We had decided to 'do' the route des grand alps, but satnav, Billy Connelly, stupid jock, took us on some roads which were unsuitable, closed, or ended up in the same place. We decided then to take a better road, and incorporated the routes des grand alps and route Napoleon. This took us sown through the alps with stops at Briancom, the highest city in Europe (We were running out of time to find somewhere to stop, and this was the last option. Crap car park :-), and Castellaine. Castellaine was a great little find, as bikers, mainly on Harley Davidsons, were doing this route, and seemed to be stopping here. Also we visited the Verdon Gorge, which was quite spectacular.

The next part of our trip took us through Nice (a nightmare drive) to the outskirts of Monaco, and Monte Carlo. Nice to look at from a distance, but I think that campervanners would not be that welcome, so it was off to a large car park in a place in Italy called San Remo. Nice place, but after the usual exploring of the town, we were chucked out of a nice little bar because they said they were closing.

Next day we filled up with LPG gas, but discovered a leak in the system. We have had no gas (and therefore cold food and no cuppas, for the last 2 days. I am in the process of looking for a fix. We landed in a nice little campsite in a place called Riva Trigoso, and as I am writing this we are drinking for £1.50 a pint/wine/short. So not a bad place to be stranded without gas.

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3rd May 2016

there is no way in the world i would have gone on that bridge tied to a cliff,it looks dreadful.good news to find a £1-50 per pint place,i imagine you might stay close to that for a few days ha ha
13th May 2016

Alfie believe me it was scary. Even Charley was not wanting to walk on it. Fiona actually didn't mind it, which was a surprise. What's this about those naughty hammers wrecking the manc bus. No one likes to see that HaHa
13th May 2016

Ps we did try to stay longer, a day, but got to keep on the move.
3rd May 2016

smugglers,new age travellers,bikers,depending on their influence i'm wondering if you are gonna return in a hoodie,a kaftan or a set of leathers !!!!
13th May 2016

Strange people
Hi Alfie, Yes you do get to meet some strange (and interesting) people, but I don't think I will be changing my dress sense any time soon. Not sure whether that is good or not HaHa

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