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June 29th 2006
Published: June 29th 2006
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So as per the recommendation of the Owen WIlson look a like we met on the Paris metro we are headed out to Cinque Terre today. Its a group of 5 little villages along what is supposed to be some of the most beautiful coast line in the world. The hike is long but you can go swimming in the Meditteranian (spelling?) whenever so thats cool.

We met this couple from Nashville yesterday who were as lost as we were trying to find the only hostel in Genoa which is at the top of a huge hill. Side note: Italian bus drivers are not to be triffled with, they hurtle down streets barely big enough for one bus and squeeze past busses going the other way. All the while with scooters shooting through the middle. But this couple, Kenny and Sarah, were going to Cinque Terre too so the four of us hung out all day yesterday and are heading out this morning, they are also heading out to Rome tonight so everything seemed to work out nicely.

Let me know whats going on back in the States, I was saying to Jack it's weird that we have no idea whats happenening in the world that we are familiar with.


29th June 2006

Rudy Maxa Is Following You
Everytime you head to a new location Rudy Maxa has a show extolling its virtues. Last night he was exploring day trips from Rome. Some of the highlights: Emperor Hadrian's Villa, Sperlonga, Viterbo, Ostia Antica, and the Alban Hills. Enjoy the bruschetta.
29th June 2006

Hey hun, hope you're well. I googled Cinque Terrah so obviously you're well, that looks unreal. That's great that you met some people to talk to, I'm sure there are very few in Italy, Italian being more Spanishy than Frenchy. As for news, Bush was impeached, Alaska overthrew its governerer AND Rebecca was let out of the house. Pretty equally amazing if you ask me. Oh, Joe is having the time of his life at mandolin camp and says hello. So does my mother. She says ciao actually, because she just had an Italian lesson and felt it was appropriate. Anyways, nothing really interesting has gone on except for "monsoon" conditions in SD. A huge thunder/lighting storm a few nights ago. I'll go watch the Colberrr Reporrr and find out what's really going on so I can tell you next time. Much love-
30th June 2006

You're really making me want to go on a European vacation (with you as a guide.) I have a friend from work going to Europe next week. If you guys really needed me to get you something I could!
30th June 2006

Have you watched any TV? Assuming Art's Tivoing The Colbert Report for you while you're away; that'll catch you up on the States news! Buon viaggio!

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