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July 17th 2008
Published: July 17th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

SIKE! We actually love it here and would rather not leave... But don't let the word get out because it is becoming more touristy by the hour. Which is BAD. We apologize for the week-long lapse in blogs; internet costs a small fortune here and even now I am wincing at how much this measly little blog will cost. Basically the long and the short of it is, we love it here, gelato is great, view is great, weather is amazing, the beach kicks arse, and we would stay here forever if we could. But don't want anyone else to. And can't afford our room any more, so we have decided to come home. We are flying out of Milan to Brussels today and have yet to figure out our accomodations (mothers you can relax because it has worked out in the past... We have a good track record for finding last minute places to sleep). Pretty much we are winging it here and the plan is that we will arrive in one piece on Monday night! Much love to all, see you soon! Eek!


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