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November 8th 2008
Published: November 8th 2008
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Well, we made it. I'm sitting at the hostel computer trying to learn how to use these strange keyboards - took me a good few minutes to figure out how to use the @ symbol!
First impressions of Rome - WOW!
Amazing place with sooooo many things to look at. We've seen quite a bit in our half day here, but I'm not going to bother about telling you about it until we put the photos up at the same time (and that way I can check the spelling also).
While Venice had the hand-bag sellers, Rome has the 'junk of over sort' sellers. When the rain came down, which it really did(!!!!), out came all the umbrella sellers - there was barely a person around without one of their umbrellas, which made it even worse for those of us who didn't have one as they picked on us even more! Then there was the noisy toys, the bubble blowing toys, the light-up-see-through-blocks with pictures of Rome, roses, scarfs and so much more!
Our hostel is great - we get free breakfast and free dinner! Everyone goes next door to this restaurant and we all get served the same pasta meal with a free glass of wine - excellent! It's kind-of-like being at a youth camp, except for the wine!
Anyway, will tell you all more later.
Right now it's time for bed so we can have an early start.


9th November 2008

Kia Ora
Hi Guys. Dean and I are very jealous reading about your wonderful travel adventures. We also loved Rome. Such an interesting place. Glad you are having fun. We miss you at Home Group. Take care... Happy travels.. Love Belinda, Dean and baby Ella

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