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October 4th 2008
Published: October 4th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Ciao Ciao!

So, the majority of my posts are about all the trips I've taken. But I am living in Rome. So, naturally I should dedicate more posts towards Roman life. The past couple weeks, I have spent a great deal of time down at the Vatican.

Last Wednesday, we had a papal audience. The JFRC and another 20,000 of our best friends filled up the seats in St. Peter's Square. The Pope came around in his Pope Mobile. For those of you who might go to Papal Audiences in the future, sit near the sides because the Pope Mobile drives around the periphery. So, I was about 15 feet from Pope Benedict XVI. Awesome, right? Even if I do disagree that rock and roll shouldn't be condemned. Then, he got up in front. They read the Gospel. He gave a mini sermon. Then, they went through and named off all of the large groups in attendance in 6 different languages. Benny 16th gave a welcome in the different languages. He speaks Italian, Polish, French, English, Spanish, and German. Then, we said the Our Father and he blessed us. It was pretty neat.

Also, last week I started volunteering the a soup kitchen at the Vatican. It was difficult because the nuns there don't speak very good English, and I was by myself. So, it was a little intimidating. I told the guests that I didn't speak Italian (no parlo Italiano). As a result, they all thought I was French. Hey hey, apparently I look European! I've also been mistaken as an Italian too- pretty flattering. I guess my Jewish nose doesn't completely give me away. Anyway, back to the soup kitchen, I think it's pretty cool that I can one day say, 'oh I worked in a soup kitchen at the Vatican...'

Last night, I went on a pub crawl. We started on the Spanish Steps. As we were walking between two of the pubs, we passed by the Trevi Fountain. That was pretty exciting because one day I walked around that area looking for the Trevi Fountain for half an hour. Also, at night, it is so pretty when it's lit up. Anyway, I think it's really neat how the city integrates these historical and famous places into regular Roman lifestyle.

I think this might be my last post for awhile. I don't anticipate an exciting week this week. It is the beginning of midterms and getting my life together before fall break. On October 10th, I will be departing for Greece for 10 days.

Ciao amichi!

Roman Album (highlights include the Pope and the Pieta):


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