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July 15th 2005
Published: July 15th 2005
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I spent 3 days in Naples, but only one in the city itself. Naples is madness, and I wish I had taken pictures of it but unfortunately I was too scared to get my camera out on the street (yes it was that scary). The 2nd day I took a ferry with Anita to the lovely island of Capri, and the 3rd day I went to see Pompeii. Here are the pictures!

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Rocks near Capri.Rocks near Capri.
Rocks near Capri.

I know these are famous, and that they have names, but I can't remember! This is a picture that I took while on a boat ride around the island.
Tori and AnitaTori and Anita
Tori and Anita

Us on the boat. Those same rocks in the background.
The green grottoThe green grotto
The green grotto

Similar to the Blue grotto, but not enclosed in a cave so our boat could drive right into it. Very beautiful!
Inside the Blue Grotto!Inside the Blue Grotto!
Inside the Blue Grotto!

This pic is blurry, but its the best for the color! Absolutely gorgeous!
Tori about to go in the Blue GrottoTori about to go in the Blue Grotto
Tori about to go in the Blue Grotto

To go in, we had to get in a rowboat with a rower and lay down in order to squeeze through a tiny hole into the cave. Once inside its so dark, but the blue light coming from below makes it one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!
Statue and Temple of Apollo in PompeiiStatue and Temple of Apollo in Pompeii
Statue and Temple of Apollo in Pompeii

You can vaguely see Vesuvius in the background
Cast of ManCast of Man
Cast of Man

This is the Mule Man because they found him beside a mule.
Another StatueAnother Statue
Another Statue

A statue found in a grand house in Pompeii. Hes in the small pool found in the courtyard of all the houses that were used for collecting rainwater.
Forum in PompeiiForum in Pompeii
Forum in Pompeii

Not sure if this was technically a forum. But it was the center of town, very large and impressive.
Painted Walls in PompeiiPainted Walls in Pompeii
Painted Walls in Pompeii

This sort of thing was everywhere. It is so incredible that these paintings have been preserved over 2000 years!
Amphitheatre in PompeiiAmphitheatre in Pompeii
Amphitheatre in Pompeii

This was the larger of the two amphitheatres.

Another one of the forum in Pompeii.

5th May 2006

Thay're called the Faraglioni Rocks.
6th December 2006

About the amphitheatre
Loved the pictures. I am back after a recent tour to the same places and was here for the holiday blues. I found a small mistake.. the picture captioned 'amphitheatre' is actually the 'grand theatre'. The difference lies in the grand theatre corresponding to the modern theatre/opera (hence semic circular dias) while the amphitheatre corresponds to the modern stadium.

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