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December 11th 2006
Published: December 11th 2006
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well well well, i'm back from my long weekend in italy. oh what fun.

after another night out we had to wake up quite early for our 12:40 flight to Rome. i crammed god knows what into my bag and was on my way. the flight was fine, minus the bitchy italian flight attendant, and we ended up in Rome by evening since had to change planes in Milan. our taxi from the airport ran us around 50 euros, but whatever. we were lucky to see Casey, one of Jen's roommates, walking back from class, and she let us into the apartment. FYI, Mo, Caroline, and myself were staying with my friend Jen and her roommates in their apartment in Rome. we hung around in the apartment waiting for Jen and chatting with her roomies. the apartment was uber nice, and a 5 minute walk from St. Peter's Square, the Vatican, and all that good stuff. once jen returned, we did the usual catching up and whatnot before heading out to grab some food at a restaurant down the street. it was there that i realized that buying Coca Cola in Italy is ridiculous. 2.50 euros for a ******* can

Jen and I enjoying our Nutella flavored gelato topped with whipped cream
of soda. whatever. i got really good pasta with....shit, i don't remember, but it was delicious. wow, that's incredibly surprising that i don't remember what i ate. anyway, following dinner we walked through St. Peter's square (quite nice at night) and off to Jen's favorite gelato I got some ridiculous Nutella gelato topped with whipped cream. mmm...we would proceed to have gelato every day from that evening onward. since it was a wednesday night and we were tired from traveling and jen had class the next day, we decided to call it a semi-early night and just stay in.

the next morning started with honey nut cheerios, peanut butter, and the like before heading out into the city for a day of sightseeing. we started out with the 1-2 hour wait to get into the Vatican. i suppose it was worth it considering we got to see the sistine chapel and the like. its nice to see what the Roman Catholic church has wasted all of its money on over the years. it was strictly prohibited to take photos or talk in the chapel, though it was a mob scene and everyone was taking pictures and talking anyway. fun.
St. Peter's SquareSt. Peter's SquareSt. Peter's Square

pretty fountain and such
didn´t see ratzinger, though he was making an appearance near the spanish steps later in the day.

stopping for lunch at a pizzeria-type place i had my first italian pizza. pretty delicious. i had a big old slice with some kind of smoked cheese on top of it, plus the ridiculously expensive coca cola. oh well. it had started to rain and consequently we headed back to jen´s to grab umbrellas before venturing out once again to st. peter´s square to check out the basilica. surprisingly there was barely a line, so we pretty much headed right in. the inside was enormous...saw the Pieta, that wall that gets smashed by the pope every however-many years, etc. etc. we had to leave after a bit because of mass starting, but we had sufficient time inside. then it was time for this little market as well as some gelato. that time i got straciatella. pretty delicious as well.

back at jen´s we ate all together. the three of us, plus jen and her three roommates. we had picked up fresh bread to have with olive oil and parmesan and then jen cooked us all pasta. delicious. naturally i stuffed my
Ceiling in the VaticanCeiling in the VaticanCeiling in the Vatican

funny how much money the church wastes...
face. that night we were definitely going out, so we decided to do the Rome pub crawl- 20 euros and you get a t-shirt, free beer or wine for the first hour, and get taken to different clubs and bars. i was certainly getting my money´s worth, so i pounded six beers in the first hour. the night ended up pretty fun, the best part being the pasta feast that we cooked upon returning home.

friday was another day of tourism, this time ancient rome, but not before making french toast with good old aunt jemima brought from the states. after being retarted and not realizing this one bus wasn´t running because of the holiday (feast of the immaculate conception), we did eventually get to the Piazza de Venezia. It was pretty freakin gorgeous. There´s this one ¨wedding cake¨building that´s just breathtaking, plus all kinds of churches and whatnot. the most incredible thing was the juxtoposition of the ancient ruins with all the other incredible architecture. i felt like a fat american as i mowed down my can of pringles whilst walking through the ancient city. we saw where caesar was cremated, the ancient forum, the colosseum, etc. etc.

Jesus appears to be eating baby rabbits...
it was kind of unreal.

heading back, we checked out the pantheon followed by the trevy fountain - awesome stuff. killing some time, we attempted to do some shopping, though i didnt´end up getting anything from any real stores, just at the little artisan market. since they´re presents, i shant speak of what i purchased. back at jen´s we dropped off our stuff before heading out for pizza once again. i had a delicious slice with ham and mushrooms on it, plus of course a ripoff coke. walking through st. peter´s once again, we decided to make a little video for some friends back at bc and then got, surprise, gelato. had me some pistachio as well as coffee - que rico. then it was back to the apartment where we basically just listened to music and reminisced about the good old times. this is what essentially convinced me to for sure return to bc come springtime. the next morning we departed for florence. stay tuned...

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Sistine chapelSistine chapel
Sistine chapel

funny how no pictures were allowed...

Rainbow over St. Peter's square

altar in St. Peter's Basilica
Post-drunken pasta feastPost-drunken pasta feast
Post-drunken pasta feast

what remained after returning from the pub crawl and stuffing our faces...
church, tower, and ancient, tower, and ancient ruins..
church, tower, and ancient ruins..

quite the juxtoposition...

with me in front...
Ancient RomeAncient Rome
Ancient Rome

pretty sweet
The PantheonThe Pantheon
The Pantheon

unfortunately it was closed...

11th December 2006

ciao love!
boo im sad i didnt see you!!! but alas i will get some serious jeff time in january!
4th October 2007

czesc..:) co slychac? kiedy wpadasz do polski? pozdrawiam, jarek

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