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April 22nd 2011
Published: June 13th 2011
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Triesting Times

Three Countries In One Day

The amazing hospitality being shown us in Croatia continues. Sanja’s brother, Miki, and his girlfriend, Doris take a day off to take us to Trieste in Italy. This involves travelling from Croatia, through a corner of Slovenia, and into Italy.
There are good quality roads all the way. There has been a lot of road building in recent years but there’s also a lot of toll stations to pass through to help pay for it. Miki is also very careful to keep to the speed limits in Slovenia – both him and Sanja have told us that the Slovenian police hand out large instant fines for anyone caught speeding.
Miki is clearly on a different career path to Sanja. He is an expert at finding his way to Trieste and finding the car park but he doesn’t seem to be aware of any of Trieste’s history and isn’t likely to be telling us any legends. The main attraction in Trieste for Miki is the motorbike shop – and he has considerable difficulty in finding that!
We are very grateful to Miki and Doris for taking a day out to bring us to Trieste, but that doesn’t stop us from abandoning them in the middle of Trieste and going off to explore on our own!
First stop is the area near Canal Grande. There’s a market here and quite a few places to eat. So, having just arrived in Italy and being hungry, we have to indulge in some pasta. {Not too much, though. We are conscious that Sanja’s mother probably started cooking the moment we left Rijeka}.
We go exploring from the canal area and find some stairs going up a hill. It’s always a good idea to go up any stairs you find – people always used to build flights of stairs to somewhere.
Sure enough the stairs lead us to some Roman ruins and San Giusto Castle and Cathedral. We spend the afternoon exploring this area before returning to the canal area to try and find Doris and Miki. We actually find them very easily – which is just as well because we’re relying on Miki to drive us back to Croatia!

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