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February 14th 2016
Published: February 16th 2016
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Saturday February 13, 2016 - 8pm - In Rimini, I was being picked up by my airbnb host, Anchise, at the supermarket just outside the train station. I saw someone at the platform who looked like him, but he didn’t say anything so I continued to the supermarket. Of course, it was him and he came just behind me. He is Italian and his wife Rita is German. We had a nice chat in limited English on the way home and then he showed me how everything worked and told me where to get the bus to San Marino in the morning. The grocery store nearby was closed, so they gave me directions to a large shopping mall about 15 minutes walk away, and I headed there to get some food for breakfast the next day. It almost felt American and even had a movie theater. But it was getting late and I had the Vampire Diaries waiting for me back at the apartment, plus a cold that seemed to be coming back from last weekend. Terrible sore throat. I went to bed later than expected and slept alright, considering it was not my bed and had such a sore throat.

Sunday February 14 - (Trip to San Marino - different blog)

3:00pm - Back in Rimini, I got off the bus from San Marino at the same place I started, but this time I went into the city center. Anchise had given me a map to use, which was great. I made a plan to walk through town, down to the sea, and then back into town via a greenway. From there I could easily walk back to the apartment. It took about two hours and I’m glad I got back to Rimini in time to do it. The weird part was that the beach was a little hard to access, with a lot of other things in front of it. Really annoying. But still good, overall. I even saw a fountain that Leonardo da Vinci commented on once!

I came back to the apartment exhausted, stayed an hour and then went out to get some pizza across the way, but that was closed, so I headed back to the mall. I had a slice of pizza, then bought some sushi at the supermarket, along with a ton of food and snacks for the full day of train tomorrow, and then a gelato on my way out! It was an unending food fest. I should feel bad, but…

Back at the flat I met the son who came today to visit from Berlin, watched some tv, hung out and am now headed to bed. A successful day. Tomorrow is a long day on the train…

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24th February 2016

Enjoying your travels. Hope you are feeling better.

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